Garrett Richards out 6-9 months with torn patellar tendon

You can go ahead and uncross your fingers now. It didn’t work:

Obviously, Richards is done for the season. Less obviously, Richards might even miss the first month or two of the 2015, though there is hope that he could actually be good to go come training camp. According to Jeff Passan, that seems likely:

The bigger question, to which there is no current answer, is what the impact this injury will have on his career? Cursory searches of the ol’ internet tubes haven’t turned up any examples of other MLB starting pitchers who have suffered the same injury. That’s probably good, but it might also be bad. Who knows. I don’t. I just want to cry, mostly.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Boston Red Sox

The Angels can survive without Garrett Richards, but it won’t be easy

99.7% and 97.3%. Those are the current odds of the Angels reaching the post-season according to Baseball Prospectus and Fangraphs, respectively, as of this morning. That would be the morning after Garrett Richards’ season presumably came to an early and agonizing end. Now take a deep breath or two and let that sink in. The Angels are going to be […]


Garrett Richards suffers devastating knee injury

OH. MY. GOD. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That, folks, is Garrett Richards evidently shredding his knee trying to cover first. Just a random freak accident where he apparently caught a spike, wrenched his knee and collapsed in a heap of agony. Listening to the Angels radio broadcast, Smith and Langston were in apparent shock as they described seeing “something bulge […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #124: Staying “hot” – Angels 4, Red Sox 3

The Angels win again and stay “hot.” Hooray! Hooray? Hooray, right? How a team wins shouldn’t matter so much as the fact that they do win, but this Angels team is not winning pretty right now. In their last seven wins, they’ve only won by more than two runs once and been out-hit three times. There […]

Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Jered Weaver, ace no more

I love Jered Weaver. You love Jered Weaver. Love only goes so far though. It is high time we set that love aside and admit what we’ve all known but been to ashamed to admit: Jered Weaver isn’t an ace anymore. This has been something of a debate in the Angelsphere this year. Is Weaver […]

Halo Headlines

Halo Headlines: Green nearing rehab assignment, Thatcher still not throwing, support system not the problem for Hamilton

The August 20th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Green nearing rehab assignment, Thatcher still not throwing, support system not the problem for Hamilton and much more… The Story: Grant Green is nearing a rehab assignment, but Joe Thatcher still isn’t throwing off a mound. The Monkey Says: Green would be nice to […]


A different solution to Josh Hamilton’s slump

Josh Hamilton is broken (again) and this time it isn’t so clear that there is an easy way to fix him. Scioscia’s already tried everything in his bag of tricks which pretty much just consists of “mental days off” and a whole lot of crossing his fingers. Sure, Don Baylor has and will continue to spend […]


Series Preview: Angels vs. Red Sox vs. The Best

Gosh, this is awkward. The Angels are now officially the best team in baseball. They might also temporarily be the best team in baseball, which is a problem, but a good kind of problem. For the last few years, the Angels have been playing under the pressure of huge expectations and mostly crumbling underneath them. This year, […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #122: Detour – Rangers 3, Angels 2

Welp, Huston Street was bound to blow a save sooner or later. He had been nearly infallible since the trade, but in this one, the Street… was closed. Scioscia probably should’ve gone with… a detour. This is probably a good time to mention that this post is being written while I watch CSI: Miami re-runs. Run […]