MWAH Top 30 Angels Prospects for 2014

The Halo farm system is… well, it is a thing.  It has prospects. They do exist, but they mostly aren't all that good. That being said, it is getting better. Although, let's be honest, it isn't like it could've gotten much worse. Still, the prospects are the future of this team either as contributors or as assets to be traded for more established and expensive player. Again, let's be honest, it's probably more of the latter. So while the prospects individually aren't terribly exciting, what they represent it, so we can't help put obsess over them.

To that end, me (The Monkey, aka Garrett Wilson) and Scotty Allen have combined to put together a list of the 30 best prospects in the Angel system using Scotty's in-person scouting and research and my own research and analysis.

Starting January 6th, we will be rolling out the in-depth prospect profiles one-by-one.  There will be a new profile every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until we get through all 30 players.  You'll be able to access the list in the navigation menu at the top of the site, or by bookmarking this page where each player listed will have their name linked to their respective profile. However, we do want to artificially build some suspense, so we won't be unveiling the full list up front as we have in the past. Instead, you'll just have to come back to MWAH each day to see who the next prospect on the list is. So, without further adieu, here is the list:

30. Brian Moran
29. Cory Rasmus
28. Kyle McGowin
27. Jonah Wesely
26. Ismael Dionicio
25. Michael Fish
24. Michael Snyder
23. Elliot Morris
22. Arjenis Fernandez
21. Keynan Middleton
20. Ricardo Sanchez
19. Michael Clevinger
18. Austin Wood
17. Reid Scoggins
16. Michael Roth
15. Zach Borenstein
14. Eric Stamets
13. Natanael Delgado
12. Luis Jimenez
11. Nick Maronde
10. Cam Bedrosian
9. Hunter Green
8. Jose Rondon
7. Alex Yarbrough
6. Mike Morin
5. R.J. Alvarez
4. Mark Sappington
3. C.J. Cron
2. Kaleb Cowart
1. Taylor Lindsey

Remember to check back Monday through Thursday to see the rest of the list as it is unveiled. Enjoy!

Garrett Wilson

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