Game Recap 9/12/12: Really??? – Athletics 4 Angels 1

I'm just gonna throw my "giving a damn" card in a nearby and detach myself from any hopes of the Angels making the playoffs and getting used to seeing the Athletics in the playoffs. It's not that I don't think they still can't make it, it would be ridiculous to say they can't, but with the way they always put themselves in the perfect position to strike the Wild Card/division (earlier in the season) and then just let themselves fall back effortless and do away with all the hard work.

If they keep letting themselves slide like they have been they will have ZERO hopes of making the playoffs, but they won't keep sliding. 

Because Jered Weaver starts tomorrow. So in other words….

We're good

Athletics 4 Angels 1

Game Recap

– This whole series has just been payback to the Angels faces for what we did to them at home all week, yeah I get that. The baseball gods are cruel and devious gods. What the Angels need to do is shake off the past 3 games and just move forward and with Weaver pitching tomorrow in addition to the upcoming series in Kansas City the Angels are in the perfect scenario to bounce back fast. Weaver can get the ball rolling with a usual shutdown win tomorrow and then the Angels are up against a sub-par team that they can chew up and quickly gain the ground they lost this week, Still got the weekend to climb a couple games back up to be in a good spot, sounds pretty reasonable to me. Then again…..this would be the perfect time for the Angels to just break all our poor fragile hearts. Yup.

– Ervin Santana did pretty good today, despite the efforts of his offense against Oakland A's young starter model # 23AI4. 6 innings of 2 run (1 unearned) ball along with 6 strikeouts was just short of holding the A's back enough for the Angels to catch up to them. The problem with this team is that when they beat up on teams and hit hot streaks like they just did before this series it's because they're beating the team in the early innings; the 1st, 2nd, 3rd innings. In blitzkrieg fashion the Angels just show up, smash the team in the face the first few innings, then cool off and let the other team try (and fail) to recover for the rest of the game. The Angels are capable of turning it on in the later and middle innings, but when they're winning by the 2nd inning they're 29-7 and only rises if they're leading by the 3rd inning to 38-9. When they Angels put pressure on the offense early they can be incredibly intimidating, arguably the most intimidating in the league, but when they flounder for a few innings and fail to gain any solid footing they're easy to smack around. Tomorrow they won't need to worry about the offense putting pressure and intimidating the team, Weaver will take care of the major intimidation factor while the offense will be able to take it coolly and just play. Another streak starts tomorrow! or the season ends. Whatever

– As you can tell, I have about zero intention to talk about the game tonight. All that will do will fuel your negative emotions towards the Angels right now, and right now what you need to do is rationally look at where his series puts the Angels. They're pretty much right where we were before the Oakland series after last week and if we're lucky after tomorrow the Angels will be just a tad bit behind where we were when we came into his Oakland series. The Angels can still get back to 1 game behind by the start of next week, and then who knows? All I know is I better not be seeing any of you whining and complaining on Twitter, so help me….

Halo A-hole

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Yeah I didn't really follow the game too closely, for obvious reasons, so I'm not really tooooo sure who really deserves this award. Here's a funny gif instead.

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