Game Recap 9/18/12: Fantastico – Angels 11 Rangers 3

This is perfect. On so many levels. If only those trolltastic Mariners would just end it against the Orioles. The Angels need to pick this game up on the Orioles fast, the schedule doesn't get much easier for a while so if the Angels are serious about making the playoffs they'll smash through the Rangers.

Good start so far. 

I really didn't think the Angels had this much in them, I just assumed they'd slightly out-offense the Rangers and their pitching staff miraculously hold a few important leads together minus the ones where the Rangers hammer the bullpen. Today was a great day because it gave our pitchers a huge, much needed day to relax without any high stress innings for them. The best thing the Angels can do this series is let their bullpen relax because when the Angels lose to the Rangers it's  because the bullpen gets beat up. If they protect the 'pen they will come away with (here comes the buzzword) 


Angels 11 Rangers 3

I only say that because the if the Angels are real about the playoffs they'll sweep the Rangers, we all know they're capable of it the Angels just always come up short against them. If they sweep the Rangers that mean's they'll be firing on all cylinders, which would only come from some serious heart from the Angels. This is something they can do if they're at the top of their game and they'll need to leave this series red-hot to make it through the White Sox series without losing any serious ground. 

Though it would kill me to help the Tigers because I desperately want them to miss the postseason so that Mike Trout can win MVP. 

so desperately….

Game Recap

— I can't believe I've gone this long without talking about Weaver, who doesn't love talking about Weaver? He's been a rock for the Angels, especially against the Rangers at home. This is what the Angels needed out of him, and like always he delivered because he is the man. What a memorable 100th victory, a win at home against the Rangers during an intense playoff race. Now he's tied for Win's Leader with David Price with 18 wins and has set the Angels on a perfect stride to continue beating the Rangers. Not to forget the offense though…

— The Angels scored 11 runs on the Rangers, mostly in an intense 4th inning in which they scored 8 of those runs, and for once Mike Trout wasn't the biggest factor in that. Although he did score 2 runs he went 0-3 with 2 walks Chris Iannetta was the player who helped the team break through the Rangers. A huge 2 RBI single by Iannetta was the spark the got the Angels rolling with 7 other players coming up with individual RBI's against the Rangers. That's what you want to see out of this team, it's nice to see the Angels come across those "big hits" that do serious damage against the Rangers but need every player that we can be at the top of their game. Tonight showed that indeed the offense is beginning to spark with every individual performing in a huge situation; Erick Aybar, Howie Kendrick, Torii Hunter, Kendrys Morales, Vernon Wells(lol), Alberto Callaspo, and Maicer Izturis all coming up with an RBI each.

— Their isn't much about to say about the bullpen since the pressure was relatively low and they pitched free and easy, those pitchers being Hawkins and Barry Enright. The Angels GM has showed us his judge of talent in relievers and great trading ability with his huge pickup of Frieri at the trade deadline, and don't forget that Dipoto was also a reliever himself in his career with the Rockies. That judge of talent and history as a reliever might become evident if Barry Enright can show talent as a reliever. I'm not saying that we'll get another huge piece like Frieri, a guy that can strike out hitters like a madman and close out games. I'm thinking Barry Enright could very well find himself slotting into a key middle reliever role. Problem is the Angels don't have enough strength with their middle inning relievers, having someone we can have get the ball to Frieri smoother will mean the world for the Angels playoff shot.

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