Halo Headlines – 11/24/09

The Story: Kendry Morales finished fifth in AL MVP voting.  The Monkey Says: An impressive showing for K-Mo who certainly had the stats but had to battle the notion that he wasn’t necessarily the MVP of the Angels even.  Also, Chone Figgins finished tied for 10th in the voting and Bobby Abreu was tied for […]

The Kendrick-Izturis Dilemma

The Angels have a problem.  They have two second basemen and both of them deserve to start.  This is a good problem to have, mind you, but still the Angels need to find a solution before the season starts. Can Howie and Maicer continue to co-exist? On one hand, the Angels have Howie Kendrick, the […]

Halo Headlines – 11/23/09

The Story: Several teams are showing interest in Angel free agent Robb Quinlan.  The Monkey Says: Or at least so says Quinlan’s agent.  The Halos are highly unlikely to bring Q back next year as he is far better suited to be working in a bench role in the National League. The Story: Cuban defector […]

Halo Headlines – 11/20/09

The Story: Kendry Morales is going to be switching to the uniform number of 8 next year.  The Monkey Says: Great, now I have to cross out the Kendry Morales jersey I asked for from my Christmas list to Santa. The Story: The Angels added Peter Bourjos to their 40-man roster.  The Monkey Says: Bourjos […]

Reviewing the Previous Off-Season

The Hot Stove League is now officially open for business, but before we start thinking too much about the future, it is always a good idea to reflect on the past.  Tony Reagins will be making some tough decisions this winter, so to get a read on just how well he will perform, let’s look […]

Testing the Trade Market

This is one tough free agent market for the Angels.  All of the top free agents either don’t really meet the Halos’ needs or are the Angels’ own free agents.  Given payroll constraints, it just doesn’t look like free agency is going to be of much help to LAA this off-season.  The trade market, however, […]

Halo Headlines – 11/19/09

The Story: Mike Scioscia is a natural-born leader.  The Monkey Says: I would certainly hope so, otherwise the real secret to longevity as a Southern California baseball manager is really more about being an overweight Italian guy (see Tommy Lasorda). The Story: Once again Mike Scioscia called out to Bud Selig to eliminate all the […]

BREAKING NEWS: Scioscia Wins Manager of the Year (Duh)

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America proved today that for one year at least they aren’t morons by voting Mike Scioscia the American League Manager of the Year. That’s right, Mike. You are #1!!! Scioscia received 15 of the 28 first-place votes in one of the all-time no-brainer votes for the MoY award, which actually […]

Halo Headlines – 11/18/09

The Story: Is Mike Scioscia the best manager in the American League?  The Monkey Says: We’ll find out today when the Manager of the Year awards are handed out.  Frankly, if it isn’t Scioscia in the AL, then it will be a trave-sham-mockery. The Story: The Angels should focus on signing Kendry Morales and Jered […]

Discussion: Gold Glove Grumbling

A little late, I know, but I had this half-written before the site went down last week and I am not one to waste work, so a belated congratulations to Torii Hunter on his ninth career Gold Glove (as well as his Silver Slugger and Branch Rickey awards).  Now, not to rain on Torii’s parade, […]

Halo Headlines – 11/17/09

The Story: Scott Boras thinks the owners are crying wolf about having to cut costs this off-season.   The Monkey Says: Boras is probably at least partially right, but still, he is a bastard and his clients are thus bastards by proxy.  Not that I am still bitter about the Mark Teixeira negotiations or anything. […]

Figgins Isn’t Going Anywhere

Good news, Angel fans.  Chone Figgins will be sticking with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  No, he hasn’t signed a contract or reached a preliminary agreement or anything like that.  In fact, I don’t know if Tony Reagins has even spoken with Chone’s agent in the last month.  What I do know is that […]

Halo Headlines – 11/16/09

EDITOR’S NOTE: So, due to some site issues, we’ve been down for almost a week and thus have a lot of links to catch up on, so excuse the fact that some of these are slightly dated. The Story: The Milwaukee Brewers aren’t expected to make a major play for John Lackey.  The Monkey Says: […]

Good vs. Evil: Should Guerrero Go?

It has been mentioned over and over the last several weeks, but the Angels have some tough free agent decisions to make this off-season.  Fortunately, is here to help figure this mess out with a little help from our old friends Good and Evil.  Up next for debate is whether or not to keep […]

Halo Headlines – 11/10/09

The Story: Chone Figgins, John Lackey and Darren Oliver are all Type A free agents while Vladimir Guerrero is a Type B.  The Monkey Says: The Angels will now get a first or second round pick plus a sandwich pick if they lose Figgy, Lackey or DO, which should cushion the blow.  In the fact, […]

Halo Headlines – 11/9/09

The Story: The Angels signed GM Tony Reagins to a long-term contract extension.  The Monkey Says: Reagins gets little publicity, but he has a great track record in both free agency as well as with making trades, something his predecessor was knocked for never doing.  Whatever the terms of the deal are, it seems the […]

Reading the Abreu Signing Tea Leaves

Rejoice, Angel fans, for Bobby Abreu, MVP of the 2009 Angels, has re-signed.  OK, that’s enough rejoicing.  It’s time to get down to business.  Abreu is just the first domino to fall in the Angel off-season but it remains to be seen how the rest shall fall.  What of Lackey and Vlad and Figgins?  What […]

Halo Headlines – 11/6/09

The Story: Halos Heaven takes a look back at the season of stud relief prospect Michael Kohn.  The Monkey Says: Kohn checks in at number 10 on the Angels’ list and has future closer written all over him if he can develop a reliable secondary pitch. The Story: The first 15 of 30 free agents […]

This Angel Fan Won’t Congratulate the Yankees

The best team that money can buy just won the World Series.  Whoopity doo.  This is the part where I should congratulate the Yankees on their championship, but that isn’t going to happen.  As an Angel fan and a baseball fan in general, I can’t bring myself to do it. I refuse to congratulate the […]

BREAKING NEWS: Bobby Abreu is Coming Back!

One down, four to go.  The Angels have re-signed the first of their several big ticket free agents today, agreeing to a two-year deal with Bobby Abreu. Welcome back, Bobby! No financial terms have been announced for the deal just yet, but Abreu reportedly rejected a two-year, $16 million extension a few weeks ago, so […]