New Hire Orientation: Tyler Skaggs

Wow, Tyler Skaggs, long time, no see! How have you been? It's been, what? Three years? I know you were only an intern back then, but we all saw the potential in you back then. There was definitely more than a few people around here who thought we made a big mistake in letting you […]


New Hire Orientation: Joe Smith

Joe Smith, so good to meet you. Thanks for coming in to meet with me. I know your first day until mid-February, but we're just so dang excited to have you on board that we thought maybe we could go ahead and get your new hire orientation out of the way first. I mean, seriously, […]


New Hire Orientation: David Freese

David Freese, welcome. Thanks for coming in. I know your first day isn't until February, but we like to get this whole new hire orientation out of the way ahead of time so you can just hunker down and get to work right away. Now, before we get to far into it, you last name […]


The Sean Burnett conspiracy theory

I have a conspiracy theory about Sean Burnett. Conspiracy theories are inherently interesting, but Sean Burnett is inherently uninteresting. As such, the mileage you get out of this post may vary. I'll be honest, I'm just killing time, hoping the Angels do something big and interesting today to give something bigger and more interesting to […]

In memoriam: The best of Mark Trumbo’s Trumbombs

Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Trumbo is no longer with us. His time with the Angels has come to an end. We are not here to mourn his loss though, rather we choose to celebrate it. Let us send Mark off by taking a fond look back at his finest work. That, of course, would be […]


What does Dipoto have planned next?

It cost the Angels two players that were rather popular with fans but Jerry Dipoto has finally dug the Angels out of their hole. He started the offseason making moves out of necessity. He had to acquire two starting pitchers. He had to create some payroll flexibility. But now Dipoto has those things and can […]


TRADE ALERT: Trumbo dealt for Santiago and Skaggs in three-way deal

Multiple sources have confirmed that the much talked about trade of Mark Trumbo has been completed. The Angels will be sending Mark Trumbo and a player to be named later to Arizona in exchange for pitching prospect Tyler Skaggs and getting pitcher Hector Santiago from the White Sox, who joined in to make this a […]

LA Angels Letters to Santa 2013

It’s that time of year again. The turkeys are going on sale, the menorah candles are being opened, the non-flammable mock-pine reindeer sculptures are coming out of their boxes and the mall employees are drinking more alcohol than is healthy to help boost their coping mechanisms. The holiday season is here and the gift buying, […]