BREAKING: Jerry Dipoto may have resigned as Angels GM

The proverbial shit appears to have hit the fan in the Scioscia-Dipoto battle for supremacy in the Angels organization tonight. Reports are coming out that after Arte Moreno held a closed door meeting, Jerry Dipoto packed up his stuff and left the building. By all accounts, he has resigned. The Angels have yet to confirm.

There isn’t likely to be confirmation tonight, but if this proves true, Mike Scioscia has won the power struggle for the team and the Halos will be in the market for a new GM with exactly one month to go before the trade deadline. Presumably the team will fill the vacancy from within until a proper search can be done in the offseason, but for all intents and purposes, this means Mike Scioscia is the undisputed alpha dog in Anaheim now.

There is always a chance that this is just Dipoto having an emotional moment and storming out, but with so many reports from so many outlets, that seems unlikely at this point.

Garrett Wilson

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