C.J. Wilson Out For the Season

Just when it looked like C.J. Wilson and season couldn’t get any worse, he has season ending surgery…AND TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF!

OK, maybe that is putting a little too harsh, but, considering the way C.J. had been doing his best impersonation of a hitting machine, I think we can all agree that this will save on metric butt-tons of heartburn medication. What? Just me?

It is, in a way, too bad for Mr. Wilson. Coming into the month of June, he was sitting on a tidy 3.18 ERA and he was holding hitters to a .233/.300/.329 slash line. But then June happened, and C.J. stopped being effective. From his June 2nd start on, C.J. posted an ERA of 4.57 and hitters were touching him up to the tune of a .247/.331/.402 slash line. He gave up 34 earned runs in 67 innings and was touched for nine home runs in those 11 starts after June 1st. By comparison, in his first 10 starts, he gave up 23 earned runs in 65 innings and only four dingers.

Now C.J. can spend the rest of the season as well as the offseason recuperating and training. Next year, he can rebuild the trade value that he has now lost thanks to a balky elbow. In the meantime, this solves the question as to what the Angels should do when Jered Weaver comes back from the DL. We can all thank the baseball gods because it means that Weaver will slide into C.J.’s spot, and Andrew Heaney will keep his high sock wearing self in the Angels big league rotation.

Mike Hllywa

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