#HUGWATCH: Angels acquire Conor Gillaspie

It isn’t the big splash the Angels were looking for or even a ripple, but Jon Morosi reports that the Angels acquire Conor Gillaspie for cash:

Gillaspie was recently DFA’d by the White Sox thanks to his 71 wRC+ this year. He had been at 108 wRC+ last year, so it isn’t as if there is not talent there. What remains to see is how exactly he fits. Both he and Kyle Kubitza are left-handed and neither is a good fielder. At a minimum, Gillaspie can serve as a back-up, but it is also possible that the Angels might just lean on him for the next three weeks and return Kubitza to the minors. That wouldn’t exactly bode well for Kubitza’s hopes of being the full-time starter next year though.

At a minimum, the Angels have slightly improved their depth for virtually nothing. Since it cost them nothing but a nominal amount of cash, it also keeps the Angels in the market for more depth since they can just dump Gillaspie should they find a better option.

Garrett Wilson

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