TRADE ALERT AGAIN: Angels will also acquire David DeJesus

The Angels are making trades fast and furious now as it has just been reported that the Angels will also acquire David DeJesus.

Following on the heels of the Murphy deal, DeJesus will most likely assume the platoon slot with Victorino in left field as DeJesus is a quality defender. That figures to push Murphy into a DH platoon with C.J. Cron. It also guards the Angels against injury, which is important given the fragility of Victorino and DeJesus.

Like Murphy, DeJesus has a team option for 2016. His is only $5 million, but carries a $1 million buyout. DeJesus has posted just a 100 wRC+ this season and is already 35 years old, so he could be getting close to the end of the line. Still, he can get on base and it is not out of the question that he and Victorino will share the leadoff spot going forward and move Giavotella back down in the order.

The return of Eduar Lopez is another low risk move for the Angels. Lopez has put up big strikeout numbers in the past, but he’s still just a pitching prospect stuck in Rookie Ball, so he is a long ways away from being anything.

I said this with Murphy, but now I’m sure, the Angels should be done acquiring bats before the deadline.

Garrett Wilson

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