TRADE ALERT: Angels acquire Shane Victorino

The Angels left field production has been so bad this year that they simply had to do something to address the position. Well, something did get done with the news that the Angels acquired Shane Victorino.

It isn’t much of something, but it doesn’t hurt for the Angels to make this move. Victorino has been hurt and unproductive the last two years, but he’s still a solid defender and base stealing threat plus he’s always been a good clubhouse guy. At worst, he’s bench depth, at best, he will slot in as the right-handed part of a left field platoon with another left-handed hitter to be named later. For that low level of expected value, it cost the Angels virtually nothing. Josh Rutledge crashed to the bottom of the infielder depth chart and was in no way part of the Angels’ future plans. The Angels even got a little bit of cash in the deal to help cover Victorino’s salary.

Nothing about this move precludes the Angels from making another bigger move. They didn’t tie up roster space. They didn’t give up valuable assets. They improved their depth without giving up anything they will miss. Plus now we get to use the #SHANF hashtag, which makes me happy. Good work Matt Klentak, errr- I mean Bill Stoneman.

Garrett Wilson

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