End of the Year Farm System Leaders

With the minor league regular season just finished, now is a good time to look at who the leaders were on the Angels’ farm.  There will be a couple of familiar names on this list that even a casual Angel fan should recognize.  Of the six highest levels on the ladder of development on Angels’ farm, only the Rookie Level Orem Owlz made the playoffs, although the Double-A Arkansas Travelers were just one win away from being the second-half divisional champions and earning a berth into the Texas League playoffs.

Of the thirty franchises in Major League Baseball, despite what you may have heard all season long, the Angels’ farm system was not the worst in 2016.  From Rookie Level to Triple-A, the Angels’ minor league affiliates had a record of 313-380 and a winning percentage of .452.  This winning percentage tied for 27th best among the 30 farm systems.  The Kansas City Royal farm also had a .452 winning percentage.  The two franchises who had a worse farm system than the Angels in 2016 were the Milwaukee Brewers, whose farm posted a .444 winning percentage, and the Chicago White Sox, whose farm is the worst in all of baseball, as their .427 winning percentage will attest.

So without any further ado, here are the Angel farm system leaders:


  • Runs:  Hutton Moyer,  75  (Low-A, High-A)
  • Hits:  Alex Yarbrough,  139  (Double-A, Triple-A)
  • Doubles:  Kaleb Cowart,  34  (Triple-A)
  • Triples:  Cal Towey,  9  (Double-A, Triple- A) and Caleb Adams  9  (High-A, Double-A)
  • Home Runs:  Zach Houchins  18  (High-A)
  • RBI:  Zach Houchins  84  (High-A)
  • Stolen Bases:  Quintin Berry  35  (Triple-A)
  • Walks:  Cal Towey  76  (Double-A, Triple-A)
  • Total Bases:  Hutton Moyer  226  (Low-A, High-A)
  • Sacrifice Bunts:  Juan Moreno  13  (Rookie, Low-A)
  • Sacrifice Flies:  Alex Yarbrough  9  (Double-A, Triple-A)
  • Batting Average:  Ji-Man Choi  .346  (Triple-A)
  • On-Base Percentage:  Ji-Man Choi  .434  (Triple-A)
  • Slugging Percentage:  Nick Flair  .561  (Rookie)
  • On-Base Plus Slugging:  Ji-Man Choi  .960  (Triple-A)


  • Wins:  Jordan Kipper  12  (Double-A) and Troy Scribner  12  (Double-A, Triple-A)
  • Earned Run Average:  Alex Blackford  3.07  (Double-A)
  • Strikeouts:  Kyle McGowin  130  (Double-A, Triple-A)
  • K/9:  Kevin Grendell  13.5  (Low-A, High-A, Double-A)
  • WHIP:  Eric Alonzo  1.08  (Low-A, High-A, Double-A)
  • Saves:  Javy Guerra  12  (Triple-A) and Eduardo Paredes  12  (High-A, Double-A) and Zach Hartman  12  (Low-A, High-A)