Looking for Angels tickets? SeatSmart will be the cheapest option

The seemingly perfect pair of tickets is available to the next sports game, concert or any variety of entertainment events that you want to attend. But next thing you know, you proceed to checkout and the price has jumped up with additional service fees, charges on at the end. So, instead, you head over to StubHub, but you quickly realize that they do the same exact thing, but the fees are visible immediately.

Desirable can become undesirable pretty quickly on the secondary ticket market.

The major secondary ticketing companies such as Ticketmaster, StubHub or Vividseats, are reaping heavy rewards off their customers. Fans should be connected directly to ticket brokers without having additional fees or hidden markups to brokers’ tickets. The thought of being skeptical while purchasing tickets should be eliminated from the customer experience.

So, recently-launched SeatSmart is trying to change the secondary ticketing market industry by being transparent. SeatSmart is the world’s first direct broker-to-fan ticket marketplace. By creating this direct connection between brokers and shoppers, SeatSmart is able to offer significantly lower prices for the exact same seats found on other marketplaces.

Customers used to be pigeonholed into paying those service and convenience fees because it was the only way. SeatSmart is giving the power back to the customer and broker.

SeatSmart has inventory supplied by participating brokers (also referred to as “Preferred Inventory”).  SeatSmart guarantees that their final price on any SeatSmart Preferred Inventory ticket is lower than the price the consumer will find on StubHub, Vivid Seats, or any other site.  If an identical ticket (same section, row and seat number) is found cheaper on one of those other marketplaces, SeatSmart will match their price.

Here’s an example of SeatSmart giving the best available ticket prices for an event. On April 10th, the Los Angeles Angels are hosting the World Series runner-up Kansas City Royals for their home opener at Angel Stadium of Anaheim in Anaheim, CA. There is a pair of tickets in Section T205, Row B for $146 at checkout. The same tickets in Section T205, Row B are listed for $171.23 on StubHub.com. On Vividseats.com, the same tickets are listed for $60 each, but when you proceed to checkout the total comes out to $161.95.00 after charges are added on.

SeatSmart is giving the customer experience they always wanted. What you see is what you get. SeatSmart’s new approach to the secondary ticket marketplace allows customers to change their ticket purchasing habits for the better.