Stacking Up the Division’s All-Time Teams

I was rustling through a stack of papers in my closet that had to do with baseball the other day, and one page in particular caught my eye.  A couple years ago I had written down the lineup of the Angels who had played the most games at each position during the franchise’s history.  It said Bob Boone had played catcher most often for the Angels, and Wally Joyner had played the most games at first base for the club.  I wondered if Howie Kendrick had surpassed Bobby Grich as the Angel with the most games at second base since I had written the list, or if Mike Trout had passed up Gary Pettis yet as the Angel with the most games at center field under his belt.

And then I wondered where this Angel all-time team would sit when I compared it’s total OPS+ with that of the other teams in the AL West.  I thought they might have a higher total than those of the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers/Washington Senators, but there would be no way they could out-OPS+ the Athletics who have been a Major League team for 115 years, right?

Only one way to find out.  A visit to and a little tapping on my calculator had the answers I was looking for.  Here are the results, from the least amount of total OPS+ to the greatest:

Houston Astros #5

CBrad Ausmus128369
1BJeff Bagwell2111149
2BCraig Biggio1989112
3BDoug Rader1116104
SSRoger Metzger100667
LFJose Cruz1370125
CFCesar Cedeno1304129
RFTerry Puhl788112
DHEvan Gattis18298

Washington Senators/Texas Rangers #4

CJim Sundberg149591
1BRafael Palmeiro1167137
2BIan Kinsler1029111
3BBuddy Bell900117
SSElvis Andrus114084
LFFrank Howard858153
CFDon Lock530113
RFRuben Sierra1008116
DHLarry Parrish388111

Seattle Mariners #3

CDan Wilson123780
1BAlvin Davis865128
2BHarold Reynolds113385
3BJim Presley76293
SSAlex Rodriguez786138
LFRaul Ibanez770115
CFKen Griffey, Jr.1485144
RFIchiro Suzuki1538113
DHEdgar Martinez1403147

Philadelphia/Kansas City/Oakland Athletics #2

CMickey Cochrane1149129
1BHarry Davis1391124
2BDick Green115987
3BSal Bando1446127
SSBert Campaneris170193
LFRickey Henderson1542137
CFDwayne Murphy1138115
RFReggie Jackson1045145
DHDave Kingman428109

Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels #1

CBob Boone96271
1BWally Joyner879121
2BBobby Grich1097124
3BTroy Glaus778120
SSJim Fregosi1366116
LFGarret Anderson1236105
CFMike Trout629169
RFTim Salmon1263128
DHBrian Downing598126

Wow.  First of all, I am shocked to see that the Angels finish on top over the A’s, who have three Hall of Famers on their all-time games played roster and have had much more time to stuff their lineup with high OPS+ players.  Second of all, I was shocked that Ichiro’s OPS+ was only 113.  I expected it to be at least in the 120s.  Third, I am going to have to get to know Frank Howard.  The dude was a beast, and I have barely heard of him.  Fourth, I wonder how this all-time Angel team stacks up against the rest of the American League.