The CheatSox were looking to complete the the sweep last night, but what they didn’t count on was getting tripped up by the likes of Jered Weaver

ChiSox trip up

Don’t look now, but the only starting pitcher with better numbers in the American League is Zach Greinke. n In six starts this month, Weaver has limited opponents to just one run in four of those starts.  His dominance last night was obvious with the White Sox only have one real legitimate scoring chance and all the Cheater Sox could muster was one run on a sacrifice fly.  And it was a good thing too because the Angel bats remain relatively quiet.

Sometimes an offense is just snakebit and that definitely describes the Angels right now.  For sure some of the guys aren’t swinging the bat well right now, which reminds me, someone please sit down with Howie Kendrick and explain the concept of a curveball to him, please.  But the Halos just lack luck right now.  Kendry Morales hit a rope to first base in the 4th that should have easily scored two runs, only to be robbed by a diving Paul Konerko (who I am fairly certain had his eyes closed).  The very next inning, Maicer Izturis hit an absolute rocket on a hit-and-run that ended up in the glove of Alexei Ramirez who was only in position to make a play because Juan Rivera was running on the play and thus subsequently doubled up.  The Angels only ended up scratching across three runs, but that was more than enough because Weaver took over the game.

Pierzynski sulks

Ah, poor A.J. Pierzynski… oh, wait, no, screw him

Despite his electric performance this year, Weaver still gets no love.  Fans are too focused on the bullpen woes and the media is too busy singing the praises of Matt Palmer.  Lackey, Saunders and Santana are the resident All-Stars in the rotation, but Weaver is well poised to join them in that honor come this July.

Good News:

  • Juan Rivera continues to show signs of life.  His batting average is threatening to nudge over .300.  If he can just start displaying a bit more power, the Angels offense will be a lot more potent.
  • Kudos to Brian Fuentes for not making Mike Scioscia look stupid.  Even though Weaver was rolling and just barely over the 100-pitch mark, Sosh hooked him for the ninth to go to Fuentes.  Like any Angel fan watching the game, Weaver threw a bit of a tantrum over the decision.  Going to Fuentes made sense with two lefties due up in the ninth, but with how bad the bullpen has generally been seemed like Scioscia was tempting fate.

Bad News:

  • I am well aware that Mike Napoli is slumping right now, but he that doesn’t mean Sosh should return to alternating him and Mathis like he is right now.  I don’t care how good Mathis is behind the dish, he is a total negative in the batter’s box and the Angels cannot afford to have him wasting at-bats every other game.
  • The Halos keep making bad pitchers look good.  Last week it was Chris Jakubauskas, then this week it was both Bartolo Colon and Gavin Floyd.  Despite giving up three runs over eight innings last night, Floyd’s ERA is STILL over 6.00.  The Angels are letting these guys off the hook.

Halo Hero of the Night:

  • Jered Weaver

Jered Weaver

8 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 2BB, 8 K, Total Domination