Seattle Mariners (22-26) @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (24-22)

Game 1 Starters: SEA – Jason Vargas (1-0, 1.29 ERA)  LAA – John Lackey (1-0, 6.00 ERA)

Game 2 Starters: SEA – Felix Hernandez (5-3, 3.76 ERA)  LAA – Matt Palmer (5-0, 4.82 ERA)

Game 3 Starters: SEA – Chris Jakubauskas (3-5, 6.45 ERA)  LAA – Ervin Santana (0-2, 7.82 ERA)

We aren’t even done with May, but the Angels and Mariners are already playing their fourth series of the season.  Frankly, I’m tired of seeing them.  The good news is that after this weekend, the two clubs won’t meet again until the last day of August.

Mariners and Angels are spending too much time together

This is what happens when teams spend too much time together

In total the teams have played ten times and split the games with five wins a piece.

Questions of the Weekend:

  • Can Ervin Santana prove he is healthy on Sunday?  Last time we saw Ervin, he was getting a very early hook, causing rampant speculation that his arm was acting up again.  He and the coaching staff insist he is healthy, but actions speak louder than words.  Needless to say, Santana will be under the microscope this Sunday.
  • Is the clock striking midnight on Matt Palmer?  Cinderella Man has been looking remarkably unremarkable in his last few appearances.  He didn’t fare so well against the Ms last time they met and now they know what to expect.  This will be a major test of just how good (or lucky) Palmer really is as this is the first time he has pitched against the same team twice.
  • Can the Angels fix what the Mariners started?  The Halo hitters have been gasping and sputtering at the plate since these two squads faced off a little over a week ago, starting with an unexpected dominating start by Chris JarJarBinks.  The cold bats have a chance to heat up again though as they will face Chris Jabberjaws again (who is highly unlikely to pitch so well again) as well as rookie Jason Vargas.  All the Angels really have to worry about is King Felix stepping in and quelling the offensive uprising.
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