Colorado Rockies (37-34) @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (37-32)

Starters: COL – Jason Marquis (9-4, 3.71 ERA)  LAA – Joe Saunders (7-4, 3.80 ERA)

Game Info: 7:05 PM PT TV-Fox Sports West, Radio-KLAA 830 AM, KFWB, KWKW 1330 AM

Sorry, Colorado, but you don’t stand a chance tonight.  The Angels are undefeated at home on days before an off day.  That’s right they, are 6-0 on such occasions, so you might as well just forfeit and head back to the Denver and save yourself the embarrassment.

Rockies do the walk of shame

Time for the walk of shame, Colorado.

Hmmm, that number sounds familiar.  6-and-0?  Where have I heard that before… wait, that was Matt Palmer’s record before the Rockies killed his winning streak on Monday.  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Maybe tonight isn’t going to be a guaranteed win after all.  Maybe ridiculous statistical abberations really are meaningless.  my world is shattered.

THREE Questions:

  • If every Angel shaved their head whenever they went into a slump, would anyone have hair left by the end of the season?  The only two consistent hitters on the team are Chone Figgins and  Torii Hunter and they already have shaved heads.
  • When the hell did Jason Marquis get good?  Marquis hasn’t had a quality season since 2004 but suddenly has nine wins and a very respectable 3.71 ERA (in Colorado, no less).  I’m not buying it.
  • I’m not going to stop asking, can Sosh please bench Aybar for Sean Rodriguez just for a little while?

TWO Predictions:

  • The Rockies will cleverly lose this game in order to prevent the Angels from getting a first-hand look at Huston Street in order to keep the Angels at a disadvantage in trade negotiations.
  • Call me crazy but I think Vlad’s anti-Samson maneuver is going to pay off and he is going to break his homer-less streak tonight.

ONE Wish:

  • I wish for a happy and healthy little girl tomorrow.  My wife is due to give birth tomorrow morning to our first child, so that means I will be on daddy duty for the next week or so and the blog will have to be put on a hold.  Expect me to be radio silent for a few days, but I promise to be back at full capacity as soon as I can.

ZERO Tolerance for… not using Justin Speier.  I never thought the day would come, but Sosh needs to use Justin Speier more.  I know it isn’t saying much, but Speier has been one of the more steady relievers lately, yet he is getting ignored in favor of Jason Bulger, who can’t find the strike zone right now, and Kevin “I Should Still Be in Triple-A” Jepsen.  This needs to change before it blows up in Scioscia’s face.

Leave your own questions, answers, predictions or wishes as a comment or just hang out with us during the game.