One shaved Vlad dome later and the Angels have finally stopped the Rockies roll.

Vlad's new clean cut look

In order to change his own luck at the plate, Vladimir Guerrero shaved off his trademark dreadlocks.  The move worked wonders for the Halos whose bats came alive at exactly the right time.  And it was a good thing too because it was the only positive Vladimir Guerrero made all night.  Instead it was Bobby Abreu who came through in the bottom of the 8th to drive in the go-ahead runs (and Vlad grounding into an inning ending double play to prevent the team from scoring an insurance run).

Nonetheless, Vlad must be pleased to see that his follicular sacrifice did not go to waste as the Angels emerged victorious, handing the Rockies just their second loss in their last 19 games.

Good News:

  • Guess who is in first place?!?!  Yup, the Angels… and the Rangers too, but still.  After all the crap they have dealt with this year, this is a big milestone for the team.
  • Props to Kevin Jepsen.  I was scared for my life that he was pitching in a close game, but he got the job done and even picked up the win.  I still want to know where Justin Speier was for that inning, but I really shouldn’t complain.
  • Sock O’Sullivan wasn’t as good as last time, but he still got the job done, even if he needed a lot of luck to pull it off.  I still don’t think he is a long-term answer if Ervin is out for a long time, but he’ll do for now.

Bad News:

  • Perhaps I would be more enthusiastic about O’Sullivan if he hadn’t gone and cut his hair!  How am I supposed to call him Sock now that his new hairstyle is less Sock-ish.  Very disappointing.
  • So much for the Bulger as a set-up guy experiment, he was super shaky in his one inning of work and was incredibly lucky not to give up a run.  Two walks and a wild pitch is no way to inspire confidence.

Halo Hero:

  • Jeff Mathis

Jeff Mathis

Mathis did a little bit of everything: a bunt single, a double, a walk, two runs scored, guiding O’Sullivan to a solid start and keeping the bullpen in check.