TIME IS UP!!!  The MLB non-waiver trade deadline has now passed and thus far the Angels have made the bold trade of… NOTHING?!?!?!?!  Could that really be or is something still brewing but yet to be announced?  Let’s hope its the latter.  Stick with us here in this post as we wait to see what the Angels did or didn’t do today.

ticking time bomb

1:00 PM – Angels were hot after Heath Bell, but nobody got him so far, so there is still a chance.

1:10 PM – Late rumors swirling that the Angels pulled off a Halladay deal.  Nothing official but the day may be saved after all!

1:20 PM – A little validation on Halladay rumors, Jayson Stark of ESPN is saying he is hearing it is close.

1:25 PM – The rumored deal for Halladay was originally supposed to be based around Joe Saunders but now is allegedly just Brandon Wood and Erick Aybar.  I find this hard to believe since Jays have been all about getting pitching back and the Angels have been steadfast about not dealing Aybar.  Something is starting to smell.

1:32 PM – Now Jayson Stark is changing his tune and saying a deal couldn’t quite happen and is now dead.  Sounds like the Angels may have gotten skunked entirely.  I truly can’t believe they didn’t even add one bullpen arm.

2:00 PM – I give up, it looks like the Angels really screwed the pooch here.  No Halladay, No Bell, nothing.  Just nothing.  I’ll be sure to expand on just how I feel about that in a little bit, so check back at the site soon.