I guess we got our answer to whether or not the Texas Rangers would go down fighting or roll over and play dead after being eliminated from the AL West race.  Play dead, Texas!  Good dog!

Body Outline

There is no truth to the rumors that this will be the Rangers’ logo in 2010.

Despite starting their staff ace and everyday line-up, the Rangers were easily defeated by what was essentially the Salt Lake Bees tonight.  Sure, Bobby Abreu and Mike Napoli played a role in the victory, but the Rangers never seemed all that interested in competing in this one.  Texas could only scratch out five hits the entire game and generally seemed pretty pissed off to even be on the field in a meaningless game.

Maybe I am just hating on a division rival, which I probably am because it is so much fun, but despite their strong season I am not exactly shaking in boots at the prospect of Texas improving over the off-season after watching how they reacted in these last two losses to the Angels.  That team has a lot to learn about winning if they are going to pose a threat to the Halos reign of supremacy and based on their behavior thus far this series, they have a long way to go on that learning curve.

Scott Feldman frustrated

That’s the spirit, Feldman!  Just give up and cry into a towel.

Angelic Accomplishments:

  • Brian Fuentes not only successfully completed the save opportunity, but he worked his first clean inning since September 9th.  This shouldn’t be a big accomplishment for a closer, but it is for Tito.
  • Chris Pettit getting his first big league hit.  Good on ya, Chris!

Devilish Details:

  • I know Jose Arredondo pitched a perfect inning with two strikeouts, but he looked awful doing it.  I think I counted three pitches that he bounced well in front of the plate, and he only threw 13 pitches.
  • To, the a-hole or a-holes in the stands who insisted on yelling “Wooooo!” every seven second.  Learn to handle your booze better and shut frak up.  I can’t imagine how annoying that must have been to the fans in attendance because it bugged the crap out of me watching the middle innings on TV.

Halo Hero:

  • Sean O’Sullivan

Sean O'Sullivan

The Angels may have rolled out a Triple-A line-up, but the Rangers did not, so a solid five innings of work from Sully is quite respectable.  He allowed just three hits and was very efficient, needing just 65 pitches to pick up the win.