With a new season comes a new slogan for the LA Angels franchise.  Last season, that geniuses in the marketing department came up with “Fan Strong.”  Our scientists have been working around the clock since Opening Day but they still have no freaking clue what exactly “Fan Strong” means.  To avoid any more confusion this season, perhaps we should help the Angels’ marketing people out and come up with some slogans for them to sample.  After all, we are Fan Strong, surely we are capable of coming up with a simple slogan.

You Make the Call! What should the Angels’ team slogan for 2010 be?

A) “New faces, same Angel attitude.”  The Angels would be wise to face the roster turnover head on, but “Angel attitude” is almost as obtuse a concept as “Fan Strong.”  I mean, what is the Angel attitude anyway?  This team has about as much personality as a bowl of cold oatmeal.

B) “Smells like team spirit.”  A little hokey, I admit, but it really accentuates the fact that Angels lack star power now but instead will have to rely on the team banding together as a collective whole to continue their reign of supremacy in the AL West.

C) “World Series or bust.”  I am actually dead serious about this one.  No more pussyfooting around the topic.  The Angels have been contending for the last several years with nothing to show for it.  Being the nice guy franchise is great and all, but sooner or later the bar needs to be raised and what better way to do it than making it the public face of the team.

SECRET OPTION D) “The Angels, where winning division titles is good enough for us.”  Or maybe not…  I think I just made myself sad.

Fan Strong

Fan Strong?  Creatively Weak.

Clearly I am no marketing either so, let us know what you think the right call is and or create a slogan of your own by leaving a comment below.  NOTE: Comment moderation is currently turned on so I have to approve your comment if you have never made one at this blog before, but I will try and be fast about it, after that you can comment freely.  I know it is a hassle, but it is outside of my control for now.