Daily links for the LA Angels including Reagins sounds ready to sell, Saunders honors Nick Adenhart, the Angels’ swagger is gone and much more.

The Story: Tony Reagins is ready to consider the Angels becoming sellers.

The Monkey Says: Logic and sanity seems to have prevailed in the Angel front office.  Hopefully they can work out some deals on short notice as they are late getting into the game from this side of the talks and there is little time for them to ponder any offers they might be receiving.  As such, it is very possible that the Angels may wait until August and pull off some trades via the waiver process.

The Story: The Texas Rangers acquired Jorge Cantu from the Florida Marlins.

The Monkey Says: The rich just got a little richer.  The Rangers don’t have a lot of holes, but first base was one of them and while Cantu is nothing special, he should at least give them a league average player their for the first time all season.  Does anyone else hear a fat lady singing or is it just me?

The Story: Joe Saunders will be wearing #34 with the Arizona Diamondbacks, presumably as a tribute to Nick Adenhart.

The Monkey Says: That is just some damn classy it almost makes me wish the Halos hadn’t traded Saunders… almost.

The Story: The Angels have lost their swagger.

The Monkey Says: So much has gone wrong for the Angels this year, you can’t really blame them.  The fact of the matter is that this roster has been imperfect since Opening Day and it just caught up with them.  You can’t be contenders every year.

The Story: Howie Kendrick is taking his cues from the veterans.

The Monkey Says: The irony of Kendrick taking lessons from the veterans on keeping his chin up during hard times for the team is that it is in large part due to the veterans’ struggles that the team finds itself in this unenviable position.

The Story: The Angels need to start playing with a full roster.

The Monkey Says: Out of all the problems plaguing the Angels right now, using up a roster spot on seldom-used Brandon Wood seems like on of the smaller ones.  That being said, hopefully Tony Reagins can find a new home for Wood in the next 24 hours and get something useful in return.  I feel like swapping Wood for another underachieving youngster who could use a change of scenerey (Nate McLouth? Cameron Maybin?) might be worth a shot.