Nobody ever likes to give up on a season, but the Angels and their fans have been forced to make that very difficult decision in light of their recent spate of injuries and losses.  With the Angels nine games back, a daunting but not totally insurmountable deficit, and the Texas Rangers coming to town, should we just give up hope now or keep believing that they can make good on that one in a million chance of pulling off a miraculous comeback?

You Make the Call! Do the Angels still have a chance at winning the American League West?

A) Keep hope alive!  Nine games wouldn’t even be the biggest deficit an AL West team has ever overcome and I put 100% of my faith in Mike Scioscia to get the job done.

B) It seems pretty unlikely at this point, but if they sweep the Rangers this weekend, I might actually buy into the whole comeback thing.  I’ll just withhold judgment until the series is over.

C) Stick a form in them, they’re done.  Pineiro’s injury was really the straw that broke the camel’s back.  If they were going to make a comeback it was going to be on the back of their rotation, but that is shot now that they have two gaping holes in it.  With this pitiful offense, I just don’t see how they could ever possibly get back in the race.

SECRET OPTION D) Blow the thing up!  This isn’t just one bad season; this roster has gone totally sour and need to be rebuilt from the ground up.  Trade Abreu.  Trade Rivera.  Trade Napoli.  Release Wood.  Fire Reagins.  Leave a flaming bag of dog poop on Arte Moreno’s doorstep.  Abandon all hope ye who root for the Angels.