Daily links for the LA Angels including scouting director Bane fired, Angels will have to compete with Boston for Crawford, Angel starting pitchers could have their innings limited or starts skipped and much more.

The Story: The Angels have fired scouting director Eddie Bane.

The Monkey Says: Wow, this is a total shocker, especially since Bane had been a finalist for the GM opening in Arizona.  I get the feeling that maybe some front office politics might have come into play here (maybe Bane making a play for more power given his recent elevation in profile?) either that or the Halos are looking to shake up their front office philosophy.  Stay tuned, I don’t think we’ve heard this whole story yet.

The Story: The Angels are expected to have to go “wallet to wallet” with the Red Sox for Carl Crawford.

The Monkey Says: Of course they are.  Really any of the high payroll teams should be expected to make a play for Crawford this winter, so Tony Reagins better have his best sales pitch (and a Brinks truck full of money) ready the second that free agency open.

The Story: Mike Scioscia might limit the innings or skip starts for members of the rotation this final series.

The Monkey Says: That isn’t much of a surprise given how many innings many of the Angel pitchers have thrown this season.  However, I kind of hope he doesn’t rein in Weaver and cost him a shot at the AL strikeout title.

The Story: How much will the Angels’ attendance drop off in 2011?

The Monkey Says: There is no way to predict that until we see what the Halos do in free agency.  If they land Carl Crawford, then the team should have more than enough buzz around them to offset the expected dip in ticket sales caused by this disappointing season.

The Story: That Jonathan Sanchez-Brandon Wood trade would have been nice.

The Monkey Says: I remember reading that original suggested trade and thinking it was a bad idea for the Angels.  Um, my bad!   I promise to trust you more next time, Sam.