Daily links for the LA Angels including what to do with Mike Napoli, sometimes bad pitchers get good again, checking in with the Angels playing in Venezuela and much more.

The Story: What would you do with Mike Napoli?

The Monkey Says: Thanks for asking!  Personally, I would keep him around as a super-utility player of sorts, having him split time between catcher, first base and DH.  He isn’t much of a defender at any position, but he is death on left-handed pitching.  Unfortunately, I am not the Angels and they are very likely to trade him to a team who would prefer to use him on a more full-time basis.

The Story: Sometimes bad pitchers get good again.

The Monkey Says: Guess who this article is about?  If you didn’t guess Scott Kazmir, you are hereby banned from my blog.  Hang your head in shame and quietly exit through the back.  I’d like to believe Kaz can bounce back all the way, but I just don’t see a whole lot of reason for hope from him.  At best, he can settle in as a back of the rotation starter as he learns how to pitch without having his full arsenal at his disposal.

The Story: An update on the Angels’ prospects playing in the Venezuelan winter leagues.

The Monkey Says: Trumbo and Conger are blowing up, but Alexi Amarista is struggling, but that shouldn’t be too concerning as he is not nearly as advanced in the minors as Trumbo and Conger are.

The Story: The top Angels prospects #30 thru #26.

The Monkey Says: I have to echo the same sentiment as the article in regards to Rich Thompson.  He has been on the cusp of breaking through for years now and finally seems ready.  I just hope he doesn’t get squeezed out in the roster logjam this coming season.