Daily Links for the LA Angels including the Angels formally introduce Vernon Wells, Weaver in talks for a contract extension, Law says Halos have the sixth-best farm system and much more…

The Story: The Angels welcomed Vernon Wells to the team at a press conference yesterday.

The Monkey Says: Vernon is already making a good impression by already making mention of how excited he is to be with a team that could be in the post-season.  He was also quick to make sure that it was clear that he was comfortable moving to left field and away from center.  Thus far, I’d say there isn’t a whole lot to not like about Vernon… other than his contract.

The Story: Arte Moreno had a lot to say at the Wells press conference, including that the Halos are in talks with Jered Weaver about a long-term contract.

The Monkey Says: The fact that the Angels are even having those talks is a good sign since Scott Boras and contract extensions usually don’t mix.  It should be noted though that Arte specifically mentioned that he has no contact with Boras because he doesn’t like him, but that he won’t stand in the way of the front office making deals with him.

The Story: Arte Moreno says to judge the Angels’ off-season in October.

The Monkey Says: Hey, Defiant Arte is back!  I appreciate his brash attitude, but I would have appreciated more actual action and less talk.

The Story: Keith Law ranks the Angel farm system the sixth-best this year.

The Monkey Says: This is big for the Halos because Law tabbed them as 22nd last season.  Obviously, Mike Trout plays a big part in those rankings, but so do the last two Angel draft classes.  What that means is the Angels have a lot more talent than years past, but that talent is also several years from making an impact in the big leagues.

The Story: Bring Vladimir Guerrero back to the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Call me a heartless bastard if you want, but I want nothing to do with Vlad coming back.  He has lowered his demands from a two-year deal to a one-year, but he still wants $8 million.  For me, that is just too much money, especially since I think he is washed up.  I’d much rather see the Angels give Mark Trumbo a shot at being the right-handed power bat off the bench than bring in Vlad to be a part-time player.

The Story: True Grich is all in on Vernon Wells.

The Monkey Says: I’m clearly not as high on this trade as James is, but he is at least taking the high road and focusing on the fact that Wells should be a very good player, even if the contract is onerous.  And isn’t that what we want?  For the Angels to get better on the field?