Daily Links for the LA Angels including Butcher is cancer free, Scioscia still prefers Izturis in a utility role, Salmon could join the Angels as a minor league coach and much more…


The Story: Pitching coach Mike Butcher has been declared cancer free.

The Monkey Says: Butcher had his thyroid removed due to a cancer growth, but the doctors say they got it all.  He might still need some follow-up treatment to make sure he stays that way, but it sounds like Butch won’t be hindered by this scare anymore this season.

The Story: Mike Scioscia still prefers to use Izturis in a utility role.

The Monkey Says: This runs somewhat contrary to Sosh’s declared preference to have Maicer be the primary leadoff man this season, which many (myself included) interpreted to mean Izturis would get the majority of the starts at third base.  It sure sounds like we should be expecting to see quite a bit more of Alberto Callaspo than we originally anticipated.

The Story: Tim Salmon is pondering his future in coaching.

The Monkey Says: The King Fish has done a tiny bit of guest instructing the last few training camps, but has no real experience otherwise.  This still prompted some to call for Salmon to be hired as a potential replacement for Mickey Hatcher at hitting coach.  That might happen someday, but the Angels are taking the right tact of talking to him about being a roving minor league instructor first.  One thing I am glad to see though is that the Halos are committed to fostering Salmon’s coaching desires once he figures out what they are exactly.

The Story: Trevor Bell will get the starting nod for the Angels first Spring Training game.

The Monkey Says: This means almost nothing, but hey, good for Trevor.

The Story: Angel FanFest is slated to return to Angel Stadium on March 27th.

The Monkey Says: The FanFest returns from a three-year hiatus and I am sure the disappointing 2010 campaign and soul-crushing off-season has almost nothing to do with the return of this warm and fuzzy fan-stroking carnival.

The Story: The Angel front office is adopting a more sabermetric-friendly approach, but Scioscia is not totally on board.

The Monkey Says: Wait, Sosh isn’t a fan of advanced statistics?  I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.  This actually could be an interesting subplot for the Halos over the next few years should Reagins’ desire to move the Angels into the 21st century be met by too much opposition from the great and mighty Sosh.

The Story: Which numbers should the Angels retire?

The Monkey Says: The poll asks merely about Salmon and Garret Anderson, but this would be an interesting list to expand upon.  Personally, I think Salmon is a no-brainer.  As for GA, I never liked how he played, but it is hard to ignore his numbers.  I’d also like to see Troy Percival possibly get his number retired, and that is only partially because I always wore #40 throughout my high school playing days.  I also wouldn’t object to the Angels retiring Darin Erstad’s number, but I’m sure plenty of others would since his numbers were only good for a few years (though his defense was always stellar).