angels      @ royals
Game Time: 1:10 PM
Jered Weaver (0-0 0.00 ERA) vs Luke Hochevar (0-0 0.00 ERA)
Broadcast: T.V (FS-W)

I just want to start off this article by congratulating all of the Angel players who made it on the 25 man roster for the season, you’ve all earned it. One more congratulations to Weaver and Hochevar for receiving the call for Opening Day. Now, with all ass kissing aside it’s time to touch on something a tad bit “negative”. For us Angel fans it a positive, but for the Royals fans…its far from positive. The starting pitcher for KC is Luke Hochevar, which shows just how absolutely inadequate the Royals starting rotation is shaping up without Greinke. Lets just save the smack talk for the article. 

Pitching Matchup: Now, where were we? Ahhh, yes, the anomaly that is Hochevar as the Opening Day Starter. Hochevar hasn’t really proved himself to be a completely reliable top of the rotation starter, let alone someone you would want to set the groundwork for the rest of the season. This game is only going to be much simpler due to the fact that Hochevar has not won a game against the Angels in his entire career, which is astounding due to the fact that every game he pitched against the Angels has been a home game. A bottom of the rotation starter is never EVER someone you want on the mound in front of the home team during Opening Day.

Jered Weaver on the other hand, has proved himself to be someone you want to put on the mound come Opening Day. He’s done it a total of three times in his young career, going 2-1 in his Opening Day games. Weaver also has his black hole defense waiting in the outfield to swallow up any balls unlucky enough to find its way there. The Royals stand to make little noise as the Angels set forth in their quest to win…, to CONQUER the AL West! It’s almost disappointing to see the Royals prepping to put up a laughable resistance to the Angels.

So Whats The Game Gonna Look Like?: This is just too perfect for the Angels to pass up on. The perfect pitcher to feast on and show everyone out there what the Angels are truly made of. Let Trumbo show his true power and capability as a major league hitter, give Vernon Wells a chance to prove the Angels made a great choice in bringing him over from Toronto. Let Peter Bourjos show off his true defensive prowess while the whole world of baseball is watching.
All the veteran Angels are going to prove they can still hang with the big boys.

This game is going to be an all out offensive on the Angels part. We all know the undeserved negativity towards the Angels is seeping under the player’s skins. They’re all people too, and harsh criticism can bring out the best in a players performance. Everyone on the team is just itching to show the critics what they’ve all been foolishly abusing this whole off season. The Angels are going to show all us fans today that the 50th season is going to be one we can all graciously look forward to.

This Monkey’s Bananas Prediction of the Day: With the offense showing its true potency, the Angels will put up 7+ runs on the board. Most of which will come from the skillful use of the home run game. Expect to see Trum-Bombs, Trum-Bombs everywhere.

 You see this face baseball world? Be scared, cause he’s coming for you!