It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Opening Day is well upon us, but I can’t but express my sheer euphria at most joyous occassion.  I don’t care how cliche these are, but I present you with my top ten reasons for loving Opening Day.

Opening Day

If the game gets rained out today, I might go postal on somebody.

  1. I can wear my Angels jersey at work without looking like a total tool.  However, I have always been told that I look a lot like John Lackey, so I guess I still look a lot like a tool, just not a total one.
  2. It may be corny, but I never get tired of the “Wow, that guy is now on pace to hit 162 home runs” joke.  Hopefully I get to make it about at least three Angels today (and no Royals).
  3. Because it is the only time of the year where I am so giddy to watch baseball that even a Braves-Nationals seems exciting.
  4. This year is extra nice since the Angels get to start the season earlier than most other teams, meaning we Halo fans get to laugh at the fans of the other 18 teams whose season’s don’t start until Friday.  Suckers.
  5. Opening Day baseball is like sex.  Even if it turns out to be truly awful, you still end the day with a smile because you got some.
  6. With a 1:10 pm PST start time, I now have a legitimate excuse to get drunk, at home, by myself in the middle of the day
  7. Opening Day might be the best day for pitching matchups all year since every team starts their ace.  That is why we get great pitching duels like Jered Weaver versus… Luke Hochevar?  Umm, ok.  So, maybe not all ace matchups are created equal.
  8. My most totally selfish reason, my blog traffic numbers typically go way up once the actual season starts.  Yup, nothing makes me feel better than seeing my readers jump from three to seven.
  9. To borrow a phrase from my blogging underling, Ryan Falla: Trum-bombs.  Seeing Trumbo smack the ball a country mile in the Cactus League is fine and all, but I’m dying to see him launch a moonshot in a real game.  That is assuming the Scioscia doesn’t give Mark the Napoli Treatment and keep him stuck on the bench for “defensive purposes.”
  10. For one day, my wife humors my baseball addiction and makes me chili dogs, nachos and beer for dinner.  Though she isn’t all that happy when I leave sunflower seed shells all over the couch and floor.