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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (15-11) @ Tampa Bay Rays (14-12)

Pitching Probables: LAA – Joel Pineiro (0-0, 0.00 ERA)  TB — James Shields (2-1, 2.35 ERA)

Game Info:
 10:10AM PT; TV – Fox Channel 11; Radio – KLAA 830 AM

We welcome the return of Joel Pineiro not only for what he brings to mound as a real professional pitcher but for the fact that we can now stop the charade that was Matt Palmer as a starting member of the staff. Pineiro’s other main benefit is that if his sinker is working it means tons of ground balls, which is welcome news to the outfield who after running all over the place chasing the other pitchers flyballs, could use a day off. Pineiro will most likely be on a pitch count so that means a trip to middle of the bullpen, which is still a cause for some concern but I have high hopes for today’s game. Now about the start time.


I can’t turn these write-ups around this quickly. Would someone speak to someone about this. My fingers are starting to cramp from all the typing. But here we are and we must soldier on. I’m nothng if not a gamer. I have a sneaky suspicion Piniero is going to pitch well today. Call it false optimism. Call it a response to sleep deprivation. I just have a weird hunch Joel is going to come out and try to set grooves into the rubberized astroturf with a smal village of ground balls. But since I am a horrible predictor, he will more likely have like 12 flyball outs instead. Hey, whatever gets the job done.

Monkey See, Monkey Do Expect more hits. The Angels seem to have found a way to win and will now try to apply that formula once more. James Shields is tough but I think the Halos will find a way to bunch enough hits together to get the job done. This is a game that is tailor made for Speedy Petey Bourjos to have another big game. Bourjos has an 11 game hit streak going and I see another triple in his furture. The turf at the Trop yields them a lot and I cannot wait to see him rattle one in the corner and jump out of the box like an Olympic sprinter.

Monkey See Monkey Don’t Okay Mike you and I are friends. I respect you as the most sucessful manager ever to done and A on their cap. I have supported you through thick and thin But hear me now and believe me later, you deny me Hank Conger in favor of that no good, waste of real estate Jeff Mathis we may have a serious problem. Aren’t we at the point where we sould rename the Mendoza line the Mathis Line? Am I starting to sound like the gur from NETWORK who screamed at the TV? Can you tell I haven’t gotten over last night’s 0 for 5? Hank will ride in on his white horse and save me from this nightmare, I know he will.

The Monkey’s Bananas Prediction of the Day I have not come close of any of my predictions so take this with a heaping helping of salt. This will be a game that will start out slow and pick up when the bullpens take over. I said yesterday that Maddon and Scioscia will have one game that will be full of moves and this will be it. In fact, the game will take forever as each manager will try to outdo each other in creative switches and bullpen matching moves. I even think at one point one of them will get tossed for being told to stay off the field for making too many changes. My money is on Maddon, he’s like 35% craizer than Scioscia. Angels win again 6-3.