Daily Links for the LA Angels including Wood gets designated for assignment, Kazmir working on yet another new approach, Hunter is clearly pressing and much more…


The Story: Brandon Wood has been designated for assignment to make room for Erick Aybar coming off the disabled list.

The Monkey Says: And so it ends.  The Halos now have ten days to either trade Wood, or have him pass through waivers, where he is likely to be claimed.  If by some miracle he clears waivers, he could be assigned to the minors by the Halos, but only if Wood consents, otherwise he becomes a free agent.  No matter what, it seems that his time with the team has finally come to an end.  For his sake, I hope he is able to use the forthcoming change in scenery to get his once promising career back on track.

The Story: Scott Kazmir is going to work on a new mental approach and release point to try and salvage his career.

The Monkey Says: This is just more spin control from Kazmir.  I can’t imagine he has made any groundbreaking adjustments in any facet of his game that are suddenly going to give him five MPH back on his heater and the bite back on his slider.

The Story: The stats show that Torii Hunter is pressing at the plate.

The Monkey Says: I think we all pretty much knew that, but it is always nice to have shiny pictures and numbers confirm it.

The Story: Top-shelf pitching defines the AL West.

The Monkey Says: Just in case you were actually feeling good about the Angel pitching staff, this is a nice reminder that the rest of the division can pitch their butts off too.

The Story: Beyond the Box Score presents the All Bonus Baby team for the Angels.

The Monkey Says: These are basically the best draft picks of the 21st century for the Angels.  I have to say, the list is not super impressive.  Maybe other team’s lists will look just as boring, but if they don’t, then I suddenly don’t feel so bad about Eddie Bane getting canned this winter.

The Story: Some people got married at Angel Stadium.

The Monkey Says: I post to this bit of fluff out of sheer jealousy.