The Kendrys Morales injury saga took another dark twist yesterday when news broke that the Angels slugger was being sent off to see a foot/ankle specialist after suffering yet another setback in his rehabilitation from that devastating leg injury.  For a guy who we were originally promised would be more than ready to go to start this season, it sure seems like a lot has gone wrong and his return still seems so very far away.  It is hard not to think the worst for Kendrys right now, but until we learn more we all must find a way to NOT panic over this latest bump in the road.

Panic button

I’m not going to press it.  I’m not going to press it.  I’m not going to press it.  Ahhhhhhh!  I want to press it so much!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is just a really late April Fool’s joke.
  2. Kendrys actually just needs to get some booster shots, but he is afraid of needles so the team is telling him that he is going to see a “foot” specialist.
  3. There is nothing wrong with Kendrys’ surgically-repaired ankle, he just has a really bad case of athlete’s foot.
  4. The Angels are deliberately delaying his return so that he doesn’t come back and start kicking ass so soon, thus making Vernon Wells’ horr-awful start look even worse.
  5. Morales is actually fine, the team just wants to run one final test under a doctor’s supervision.  What is that test?  Having Kendrys take a celebratory leap onto home plate in anticipation of his triumphant return.
  6. This slow recovery is all just part of the Halos’ master plan to suppress Morales’ value in the short-term so that they can finally get one over on Scott Boras and sign Kendrys to a long-term deal at a discount.
  7. Just think back to when Juan Rivera broke his leg playing winter ball.  He ended up bouncing back just fine, right?  Dammit!!!
  8. Maybe the Angels are just really excited to take advantage of Obamacare, so they are sending out their players for as many doctor visits as possible?
  9. Might I suggest taking up yoga?  I’m not a big fan of it, but I hear it really helps relieve stress and I’m sure that includes stress caused by paranoid thoughts about the health status of your favorite team’s best player.
  10. Remember that broken legs of the severity that Morales suffered aren’t cut-and-dry medical cases.  Not to get suckered into the Angels’ company line of “it is all part ofthe process,” but sometimes guys suffer setbacks.  All this really tells us is that the Halos are being extra careful with Morales because they don’t want to rush him back and do any further damage.  Kendrys is too important to the team’s long-term success for them to force him into action out of sheer impatience.  Let’s all just wait and see what the doc has to say before we start jumping to conclusions.