Okay so whatever could go wrong with this game did. Bad pitching? Check. Lack of hitting? Check. Poor defense? Check. I think it’s just best we move on. Things looked like they were going to go according to plan with Maicer Itzuris’ first at bat homer to give the Angels the early lead. Tyler Chatwood looked good and it felt like we were poised for another Halo victory. Then the 6th inning happened. It’s as if a new team came out and took over the game, only it was a team that is on pace to lose 85 games not win them. But as Mike Scioscia is fond of saying, let’s just turn the page and move on to the next one.

Angels 2 Tigers 12

Game Notes

— Tyler Chatwood fell apart tonight. This wasn’t a rookie thing or an innings count thing. This was a pitcher who just lost it. You don’t see it often but when you do it is brutal to watch. Chatwood’s sixth inning was something out of a horror movie. 2 walks, 1 HBP, 2 singles and a triple and only one out. Chatwood seemed to be tossing softballs up there and once things went south you could just sense the Tigers pouncing on him (no pun intended)
— I would like to thank Rich Thompson and Horacio Ramirez for their valiant efforts to throw gasoline on a fire. Relievers are often brought on to preserve leads or keep the game tied but sometimes you just need someone to stop the bleeding. When Thompson came in the score was still only 6-2 and he tried to keep them in the game before succumbing to his own limitations. Ramirez was a train wreck and should never see the light of day in any meaningful action.
— We applaud Torii Hunter often for his defense but the last run allowed when he lobbed the ball in to the infield as a runner charged for home should get him at least a $100 fine in Kangaroo Court.
— We all got so wrapped up in Bobby Wilson is a great game caller fever we forgot that the dude doesn’t hit. Another 0 for 3 night makes 1 for his last 13. That’s practically Mathisian in stature. Really, how freakin’ hard is it to find a catcher who handles pitchers, hits a bit for average with some power? Oh yeah, there’s one playing in Texas right about now.

Halo A Hole

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Sometimes you just have to hang your head in shame. Better luck next time kid.