Now that the season is over, people will no doubt want to cast blame on certain players.  One thing this always leads to is people quoting the team’s win-loss record in games that player played in.  To be honest, that is a ridiculous argument considering all the elements that go into a team winning a baseball game.  Still, it is pretty fun.  After all, how many times did we all quote Mike Trout’s win-loss record?  On the flip side, how much did we mock the those who expounded the virtues of Jeff Mathis’ win-loss record?

So, in the interest of equal time and, well, just for poops and giggles, here is the win-loss record for each of the main Angel players this season.

Jeff Mathis

Jeff Mathis just wins ballgames…  seriously.


Jered Weaver: 22-11

Dan Haren: 20-15

Ervin Santana: 17-16

Joel Pineiro: 12-15

Tyler Chatwood: 9-18

Jerome Williams: 5-5



Jordan Walden: 48-14

Scott Downs: 42-18

Bobby Cassevah: 15-15

Rich Thompson: 13-31

Fernando Rodney: 23-16

Hisanori Takahashi: 24-37


CATCHERS (game started only)

Jeff Mathis: 45-34

Bobby Wilson: 17-19

Hank Conger: 24-24


INFIELDERS (game started only)

Mark Trumbo: 78-65

Howie Kendrick: 76-60

Erick Aybar: 74-68

Maicer Izturis: 53-52

Alberto Callaspo: 64-61

Russell Branyan: 9-7


OUTFIELDERS (game started only)

Torii Hunter: 80-73

Vernon Wells: 73-55

Peter Bourjos: 70-68

Bobby Abreu: 70-65

Mike Trout: 21-11


So, a few comments from these findings:

  • A quick editor’s note, these counts might be off by one or two because I am doing this after all the wild baseball action on Wednesday, so my counting might be off.
  • The fact that Rich Thompson almost never pitched in a game where the Angels one blows my mind.  I know he wasn’t great, but he was better than Scioscia seems to think he is, which is apparently nothing more than a mop-up man.
  • Lyle Spencer must be ecstatic to see the win-loss records of all three catchers.  I really hope nobody shares this article with him because he might never shut up.
  • Wait, Russ Branyan started 16 games?  I would’ve guessed four.
  • You know all those games that Scioscia benched Kendrick to get more playing time for Izturis and Callaspo?  Apparently that was a bad idea… which we already knew.
  • According to win-loss records, Vernon Wells is invaluable, thus proving how stupid this whole exercise really is.
  • Mike Trout = wins.  This is great news for next year since he will hopefully be a full-time starter.  With his expected improvement factoring in, if he starts 162 games, my math tells me that the Angels should win 185 of those games.  I think I might’ve forgotten to carry the four though.