The February 29th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Athletics interested in trading for Callaspo, Mattingly and Kemp say LA belongs to the Dodgers not the Angels, “El Hombre” campaign to be ceased and much more…

The Story: The Athletics have interest in Alberto Callaspo after losing 3B Scott Sizemore for the season.

The Monkey Says: As the article states, they aren’t interested in giving up much to get him.  The Angels shouldn’t be opposed to moving Callaspo, especially if Trumbo shows signs of promise at the hot corner, but depth is a good thing to have, so moving him for a middling prospect likely isn’t worth it.

The Story: Don Mattingly and Matt Kemp speak out to say LA still belongs to the Dodgers, not the Angels.

The Monkey Says: The Dodgers have a richer history, so it is hard to argue, but over the last decade, the Halos have the upper-hand.  The mere fact that Dodger players are even being asked these questions shows just how much the Angels have closed the gap.  Also, Matt Kemp is scared of the Rally Monkey.  So there is that.

The Story: The Angels have agreed to end the “El Hombre” billboard campaign.

The Monkey Says: This really is just so dumb that this is even a story.

The Story: Alberto Callaspo is unsure of his role, but is taking it in stride.

The Monkey Says: See, Bobby Abreu?  This is how you handle a potentially diminished role.  Suck it up, put in the work and everything will work itself out.

The Story: Arte Moreno broke his media silence to appear on the Jim Rome show yesterday.

The Monkey Says: Arte said nothing terribly noteworthy, but at least he is talking again, though I’m not 100% positive that is a good thing.

The Story: The Angels intend to play Albert Pujols all 162 games this season.

The Monkey Says: They better given how much money he is making.  Also, this only makes sense if they DH him at least a handful of times over the year.  He is in tremendous condition, but it isn’t going to hurt for him to get a little bit of rest.

The Story: The Angels will continue to allow beer in the clubhouse and on team flights.

The Monkey Says: Thanks for making this a story, Red Sox.  What an interesting concept, allowing grown men to handle their own alcohol assumption responsibly and not treating them like children.  It is so crazy that it might just work.

The Story: Mike Scioscia is slimmed down for this spring training.

The Monkey Says: This means that Mike Scioscia is in… wait for it…. THE BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE!

The Story: Jerry Dipoto made it clear that Mike Trout will not stay in the majors in a reserve role this year.

The Monkey Says: That is 110% the right decision, but I don’t think I’ve heard the team actually say it out loud yet.  Good to know that they aren’t stupid.

The Story: Peter Bourjos wants to earn the right to bat leadoff.

The Monkey Says: He doesn’t control the strike zone very well, but he was very effective against southpaws last season, so it is possible he could get a taste of the leadoff spot on a part-time basis this season.  Mike Scioscia flirted with it a bit at the end of 2011, so don’t be shocked if he tries it again to start this coming campaign.

The Story: Recently retired Bengie Molina stopped by Angel camp as a guest instructor.

The Monkey Says: I’m quite glad to see that he did this as he did not part on good terms with the team once they let him go in free agency.  It would have been a shame for him to hold a grudge about it.

The Story: The Angels have a somewhat easy schedule to start the season.

The Monkey Says: Their first month actually looks pretty cushy, if you ask me.  The Yankees and Rays are good, but every other April opponent looks like a powder puff, though the Indians might be a little above average potentially.

The Story: A history of Mike Scioscia’s famous spring training “special assignments.”

The Monkey Says: Long live the legend of the ostrich.