Okay so it wasn’t exactly a perfect return to form for the Angels but when your nine games out of first and eight games under .500, any win is a good one. The offense continued to sputter, with the exception of Torii Hunter. But Dan Haren put the team on his back and delivered the Angels a chance to win just their second series of the year. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Angels 2 Indians 1

Game Notes
— Mike Trout was a non factor in his return to the big leagues. Trout went 0-4 and was generally very jumpy in the box. No one thinks he won’t hit so I chalk this up to jet lag and nerves.
— Remember last year when we all worried if Peter Bourjos’ weak bat would offset his effective glove in Centerfield? Yeah, that arguement is offically back after Bourjos and his 0-3, 2 strikeout performance stunk up the joint.
— Hey what does a quarter of a billion dollars get you? I’m not sure, but I would have never imagined it would turn out to be as valuable as Casey Kotchman. Any day you want to start earning your money Albert would be fine with me. (That’s right, I’ve turned on the Machine until such time as he starts hitting the freakin’ ball). 
— Scott Downs was really good in the ninth inning. He doesn’t have closer “stuff”, but dude gets outs and that’s all that matters.

Halo Hero

Take a bow Danny Boy. Haren was flat brilliant at a time when his team needed him. I would imagine that Haren was doing everything possible to prevent Scioscia from dialing up the bullpen in the late innings. I’m sure he cut the cord on the bullpen phone. Had a a bike lock placed on the gate. Superglued Miek Butcher’s feet to the ground so he couldn’t talk Scioscia into pulling him. Haren didn’t want yet another sterling performance ruined by the pen. Good thing to, I’m not sure any of us would have survived another heartbreaking loss. Good Job Dan, we can all avoide hari kari for one more day.