There will always be positives and there will always be negatives. In the grand scheme of things, the Angels owned the month of May. 

Yankees 6, Angels 5 

Let me break it down for you:

– Oh but the runners left on base. Need I say much more than that? Howie Kendrick is struggling with the best of them right now. He hasn’t been the most reliable when it comes to runners on base, but when he was put in a situation like the 7th inning with RISP, it became far too evident. Runners left on base has been a consistent problem for the Angels the past few seasons. The situational hitting. Profanities. 

– Why is Takahashi still a thing?

– The Angels’ furious momentum as come to a close and the streak is over. Texas rolls into town on Friday. This series is serious.


 – The Angels are a completely different team than they were at the beginning of the month. May has been a game changer for the Halos and winning a series against the Yankees to close out the month is wildly significant. 

– Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo. Texas will face two of the hottest hitters in baseball and we can only hope hitting is as contagious as they say.

– Tomorrow is the Angels’ first day off since May 10th and this break is well deserved. It’ll be a day of mental, emotional, and physical relaxation. If anyone understands the magnitude of this weekend’s series, it’s that group of guys in the Angels’ dugout. 

On Sunday, I said that this week would set the tone for the rest of the Angels’ season. Despite the shattered win streak, the Angels’ took the series victory over the Yankees and have their work cut out for them this weekend against their division rival. Texas will face a team whose bats are on fire.

Remember the victories, put the losses behind us, and take the month of June by storm.  Keep moving forward.