Like I said earlier today, this one had all the makings of an Angel loss. It’s like the Blue Jays had a checklist to beating the Angels tonight. Hit a couple of home runs (check). Make the Halos use their middle relief (check). Keep Mike Trout quiet (check). Put enough of these together and it all adds up to some Angel slippage in the standings.

Angels 5 Blue Jays 7

Game Notes

— Mike Trout is human, at least for a day. Three strikeouts Mike? Have we all checked to make sure hell hasn’t frozen over?
— Ervin Santana was his usual bi-polar self. For the first four inninge he looked great. Then his slider flattened out and his fastball lost it’s bite. Pow, five runs. Santana reminds me a lot of John Lackey. Lackey had the same penchant for the big inning as Santana seems to have. But Santana has a larger mouth, so at least he has that going for him.
— It’s official, Jordan Walden cannot be trusted. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, Walden blows the game by giving up the go ahead run. It’s okay Jordan, we will try again next year.

Halo A Hole
 Ervin, about that vote of confidence Mike Scioscia gave you awhile back. Yeah, we’re gonna need that back. Okay?