If you have been wondering what will happen in the game against the White Sox, you are not alone. For the longest time, many people did not expect much of the game and were wondering how it would be any different from playing online slots, where you don’t know the outcome and where you are not even sure if you should get involved. But, it seems like the Angels pulled through and managed an impressive victory against the White Sox, and now can be celebrated for the amazing team that they are. And all this, thanks to Mike Trout. 

Swinging through

Mike Trout swinging through a fastball in the third inning and in the fifth inning is what managed to win the Angels their game on Saturday night, and we cannot be more thankful to him for managing to do so. Both times he ended a six-pitch strikethrough and a six-pitch whiff, so he is definitely the miracle worker that the Angels needed more than anything at the moment. He might be the calm, level headed hitters most of the time, but every once in a while he leaves all of those preconceptions about him behind, leaves his comfort zone, and does something that surprises everyone, beats the odds on betting NZ and wins the game, every time. He knew he could take advantage of the situation both times, he did it, and now we have a game that was won entirely thanks to this man’s prowess with his bat. 

But this cannot be said to be solely his accomplishment. David Fletcher decided to load the bases, while trout managed to cut the deficit to 5-4 and then, a single error from Ryan Goins helped create a situation where the score was 5-5 and allowed for runners to be sitting at third and second bases, prepared to add some more to the score. Then, Kole Calhoun walked to load the bases, and Brian Goodwin walked to let Trout in, with a lead of 6-5. 

A strikeout from Cam Bedrosian, and a retirement to the side from Hansel Robles and this shows to be the first time in 62 games when the Angels have managed to come back after trailing for six innings, which is a good sign for the team altogether. The game also had a couple of solo home runs, from Goodwin and Upton. 

Jose Suarez was tipping his pitches, which is a problem that the rookie has had for a while now, which resulted in him giving up 14 runs and 21 hits, with a whole bunch of home runs mixed in, in Detroit, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.  He did manage, this time around, to retire four batters, two of which were gone by strikeout, while the others were walks, one of which resulted in a bit of trouble. 

While the team was a little worried about tipping, they said that Suarez was able to solve the issue in the last three innings. It is quite hard for a pitcher to get through bad habits and delivery techniques that they are used to, but the fact that Suarez managed to do so is quite respectable and speaks volumes of the rookie’s potential. In the end, Suarez realized that he was tipping the pitches by placing the glove in a specific way during his stretch. Thankfully, despite being in the middle of the game, the team was able to pick up on the tips and make sure that Suarez was not doing it anymore. 

Overall, it was quite an impressive and fun game to watch, even if it did keep most of us on the edges of our seats. With a great performance from Trout and a seeming improvement from Suarez, the team seems to be in good condition to cause some damage in the near future. Now, let’s see what happens next and hope for all kinds of the best.