Are you a ball player always thinking before the game “How best can I use these baseball glovesI got cleaned this morning?” Or you are a scout looking to discover nothing but the best for an addition to your roster? Or you don’t know much about baseball and wish to acquire the knowledge? Then this article is for you. 

Base running is the way to score runs, with which the team with the highest score becomes the winner of the game in baseball. It is still required to make a run around the diamond points on the pitch even if you or the hitter on yourteam is able tolegally send the ball out of the arena. It requires a certain level of intellect, skill and a very good athletic ability.To score runs, you have to run around a lot. A base runner needs to evolve into a speedster who knows when to run from base to base to avoid being put out by the opposing team. There are many good base runners out there, but there are certain signs you need to watch out for to identify the best runners. 

This section is for the newbies to the game of baseball to give them an understanding of what we are talking about.

Base Running:

This is the process of successfully moving from the home plate to base 1 to the next plate in successive order, and if he successfully makes four base runs, he returns to the home plate safely scoring a run in the process. The easiest part of base running is when the hitter is able to hit the ball over the play area out of the reach of the opposing outfield players. This is recorded as a home run and all base runner on their current bases can make a run for home scoring points for the team along the way.

Base Stealing:

Base Stealing is when a base runner makes it to the next base point before the pitcher can return the ball to the home plate. There are several techniques used in stealing bases, and each is peculiar to the play situation.

The ten signs of a good ball player are briefly described below;

  1. A good base runner should have an advanced ability to know what the opponents are setting up behind your line of sight:

    The base runner who can deliver constant runs for his/her team is expected to be able to anticipate the organization of the opponents behind. This is when you can move easily from base to another without conceding outs. This ability differentiates the best from the rest when it comes to base running.
  2. A good base runner should know how to get to the next base in a very shortperiod of time:

    The base runner should be able to make constant base runs in record time when the opportunity presents itself. This is why athleticism is the main requirement of a good base runner. A good base runner should not be easily fatigued during running through bases as this could cost your team.
  3. A good base runner should know how to score a hit:

    Scoring a hit as abase runner is not an easy task as a great amount of skill, and anticipation of the opposing team’s fielding. A bad runner may be tricked by an expert team with good understanding, but a good base runner has a proper response to every outfield play situation.
  4. A good base runner should know how to move from second base without getting caught out:

    When a base runner is at second base, he/she is in a position where conceding an out is likely as the line of sight from 3rd base to home is what you currently have in view, making it difficult to predict what’s going on behind you
  5. A good base runner should know how to limit the number of outs conceded to not more 1 after successfully getting to the 3rd base:

    A good base runner should have the innate ability to limit the number of outs conceded to 1 when at third base. This increases the chances of scoring a run from the base running play.
  6. A good base runner should know how to communicate withother teammates to score an advantage:

    There are plays in baseball that runners cannot easily predict to make a run for the next base. In this case, communication with other teammates who can see what’s happening behind you is a key to being a good baserunner. This gives your team a better chance of winning the game when you know how to use your teammate’ssign language to beat the opponents’ play.
  7. A good base runner should know how to slide to make a last-ditch attempt to steal bases:

    This involves different styles, Baseball cleats are designed for players to maintain balance and give traction while they are on the pitch, and these baseball cleatscan also help you in base stealing. The base runner who knows how to use the baseball cleats could use it to advance to the next baseas the tip of your cleat touching a base plate before the fielder receives the ball from a pitch is a safe base run. This can only be done by very good base runners.
  8. A good base runner should understand how to steal bases from an opportunity:

    If a pitchercommits an unforced error and quickly tries to recover, a good base runner should be able to beat the pitcher by quickly making it to the next base. This requires a constant monitoring of the pitcher and being ahead of them in the event of an error.
  9. A good base runner should know how to calculate the speed and direction of the ball before making a run for the next base:

    A good base runner has the ability to calculate the speed and when it will get to its next destination while making a move. This enables the base runner to return to safe points or make the next base plate with relative ease. This quality requires a good level of intellect from the runner, andhelps the team during innings. Also, a base runner should be able to predict the force of a ball hitting the ground and continue making a run for the next base. This gives the runner an unfair advantage and easily secures movement to the next plate
  10. A good base runner should know how to commit opponents into making mistakes for the advantage of the team:

    A good base runner should understand how to force errors from his opponents to create a chance to score a run. This is a necessary ability for a good base runner.


The game of baseball requires maximum attention from its players for them to achieve success. It is a game currently gaining worldwide attention, and the demand for good players is naturally on the rise. Playing the game of baseball with good runners, hitters, spotters and so on is vital for the success of the team and the addition of silverware every season. Good ball players are everywhere; you just need the ability to spot them.