Casinos can justifiably be expected to be over the top. The extravagance and the opulence no doubt inspire in players the idea that they could win a share of all that money, which they could have easily attempted at bet apuestas argentina . However, every now and then, an unusual concept venue opens its doors, requires some intense reviews of their gaming as well as some of the top reviews of online casinos and their offerings, and makes players question what its designers were thinking.

Whatever they offer, or offered, players, the world’s strangest and most unique casinos at least make for entertaining reading.

1. Star Trek: The Experience, Las Vegas 

Star Trek: The Experience opened its doors at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1998. The family-friendly interactive event initially attracted scores of visitors, thanks to technology utilized at other online NZ casino sites that was cutting-edge at the time. 

It included a 4D ride that gave the impression of being beamed up to the spacecraft, a tour, actors in costume, Quark’s Bar and Restaurant, a themed gaming area known as the SpaceQuest Casino, and more. However, it could not keep up with real-world technological advances, and within 10 years, it all appeared almost outdated. Lower visitor numbers, as well as licensing issues, resulted in its closure in 2008.

2. Desert Cave Hotel and Casino, Australia

The Desert Cave Hotel and Casino in Coober Pedy, South Australia, is not only a gaming venue in a strange location. It also is an example of putting a disused mine to good use.

The town is one of the centres of opal mining in Australian sports betting. In fact, it has the distinction of being the location in which the world’s largest opal, a whopping 17,000 karats, was found in 1956. While some abandoned mines had been used for residential purposes, 1980 saw the start of a project to put one such mine to an entirely new use. The Desert Cave Hotel and Casino opened in 1988. It offers the Underground Gaming Room, the Crystal Café, bars and restaurants, shops, and more. Guests have a choice of hotel rooms that are either above or below ground. Presumably players who could not be bothered to trek out to the middle of nowhere, even if the casino does offer the novelty of being underground, prefer playing online slots Australia.

3. North Cadbury Court, UK

An Elizabethan mansion built on the ruins of a 12th century hall seems an unlikely venue for a casino, but that is exactly what players find at North Cadbury Court, Yeovil, England. It properly is an event venue for hire, rather than a typical hotel, and it does not come cheap.  

For the hefty price tag, guests have access to 19 bedrooms and two family suites, a family kitchen, a dining hall, a ballroom, a snooker room, a children’s playroom, tennis courts, a croquet lawn, an indoor pool, a gym, a sauna, and a bar. Other attractions are located in the basement. One of them is a disco, complete with lighting and smoke machine, and the other is a casino. It boasts a full-time dealer as well as Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette tables.

4. A Church In Antarctica

Arguably one of the most unusual locations for a casino is a room attached to the Chapel of St Francis of Assisi on Antarctica. The frozen continent at the south pole is the temporary home of thousands of researchers for several months of the year.

It also is where the Argentinian army’s Esperanza Base is located. The army built the chapel in the 1970s. A back room was built onto it, and whereas the church offers mass for faithful Catholics, the back room is an informal casino with Blackjack and Craps tables.