The whole world is suffering from the deadly communicable virus known as Coronavirus. It is the leading cause of the dangerous disease known as COVID-19, Coronavirus disease. This disease has infected a significant portion of the world, and thousands of people have lost their lives because of it. Coronavirus mainly causes some respiratory issues by infecting the lungs. It is more dangerous for elderly people and people with previous medical conditions as they have a much weaker immune system. Most of the countries have announced complete lockdown, and people are compelled to stay in their house. You must ensure that you have a good stock of some vital drugs and medications such as headache medicines, Cialis, sleeping pills to treat insomnia, Priligy etc.

COVID-19 is a huge menace to humankind, but we can fight with it and defeat it with a group effort. There are some guidelines and set of rules that you need to follow to ensure that this situation gets under control as soon as possible. Although, till now, no vaccine for this infectious disease has been invented, so the most we can do is follow the advice of medical experts and stay in our home to stop this virus from spreading.

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Tips to lower the risks related to COVID-19 and stay safe

Wash your hands frequently

The most common carriers of the virus of COVID-19 are hands. You touch various surfaces with your hands throughout the day, so it is necessary to wash them frequently so that even if any germs or bacteria got on, your hands would be washed away. You must use a mixture of soap and water and wash your hands with it for at least 20 seconds. You can also use alcohol hand sanitizers to stay away from the virus.

Take care of your mental health

Since most of the countries are going through lockdown, it has a massive impact on the mental condition of the people. It has increased anxiety and stress levels among people who are having a negative impact on the relationships of couples living together in lockdown. You can use some stress-relieving medications and other drugs such as Super Kamagra to ensure that your relationship with your partner remains full of love and affection.

Sneeze in the elbow

Coronavirus spreads through the droplets of an infected person. So, to ensure yours and your family’s safety, you should always sneeze in your elbow or use a tissue while coughing or sneezing. Dispose of the tissue immediately after using and wash your hands using a hand wash or hand sanitizer. You must not sneeze in open or near any person as it will spread your droplets in the air and will increase the risk of infection.

Follow the Government guideline

Authorities have announced a set of guidelines to ensure the safety of citizens and stopping the virus from spreading further. You must follow all the rules such as avoid going in crowded places, social distancing, and work from home and cooperate with the officials.

Don’t forget to wear a mask

Mask is one of the most important protective equipment that has been made necessary to wear for each person. Face mask ensures that your droplets don’t get into the environment, and no droplets form the environment enters your body. So, you must wear a mask whenever you step out of the house even if you are not infected as a precaution is always better than the cure.

Avoid touching your nose and mouth

Mouth and nose are two of the major gateways through which this virus enters your body. So, stay safe and healthy, you should avoid touching your nose and mouth with your hands so that even if there is any germs or virus on your hand, it doesn’t enter in your body.

Our team take care of you, be safety and stay home!