2020 has already become one of the toughest years for all of us, and no one expected it to be this worrying. We are only in the second quarter part of the year but no one really knows how the rest of it will be. The covid-19 pandemic has already defined the year, and most people are left at home idle and alone. Most of them end up on Google trying to get rid of their loneliness and boredom. Google has already released the most common searches of March 2020. In this article, we are going to look at some of the popular trends in the third month of the year. 

Casino Games and Gambling

Most of the land-based casinos around the world have been closed due to the pandemic. This has left gamblers worried and in search of better gambling opportunities. One of the search trends is from casino fans trying to find online resources where they can gamble for free or for real money.

If you are one of them then you are lucky as you can get the same authentic experience you are used to in a live casino. This one offers real-time gaming with live dealers. You may also get to view and interact with other players. Live casino gaming is the perfect choice of keeping boredom and loneliness away especially if you are used to land-based casinos. 

Money is Trending

Who has ever thought that money will trend like this one day? The stock market is sinking gradually and investors are looking for ways to buy stocks. This has led to most people turning to Google doing their best to learn a thing or two about Forex. However, it will take time before they understand the flow of the Stock Market. But with the excess time we have, it will not be a surprise if everyone becomes stocks master by the end of the quarantine. 

The Latest Coronavirus Updates

Another trending topic is Covid-19. People all over the world are searching for more information about this disease and other related issues. Some of the common searches regarding the Covid-19 virus include:

  • Is there a cure for the new coronavirus?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of covid-19?
  • How can one prevent themselves from coronavirus?
  • Number of covid-19 cases.

In short, one of the biggest searches done this year is all about the coronavirus and the latest updates. Google users are daily searching for the current state in their location, neighbouring areas, or countries. 

How to Keep Yourself Busy During the Quarantine

Another trending topic is how to keep oneself busy during the quarantine. Almost everyone around the world spends more time indoors, some are working at home, while the others try to only go out for groceries. This has led to such an extreme level of boredom that people are searching for silly (or sometimes even dangerous) ways to keep themselves busy and chase away dullness. 

Due to this, individuals are looking for recipes to try at home, games they can play with their loved ones, or DIY tips. More searches relating to these topics will probably rise in the coming months.  

Job Opportunities

We are all at home with nothing better to do. Some of us are lucky to be working in remote mode while others have unfortunately lost their jobs. That is why web users who appeared to be not very lucky are trying to find new openings amid the pandemic. Some companies are offering job vacancies in a few months, so if you are one of the job seekers, do not give up yet and continue searching for those positions. Besides, there is no better way to find a job now than online, since you cannot afford to risk your life being outside. 

Finding Game Updates

Another popular search trend is finding soon-to-be-released or already launched games. Gamers cannot keep still especially since gaming developers had promised several additions to their games library. Besides, playing games will keep us stress-free during these trying times. Moreover, casino games like video slots are being released every week for the casino fanatics. 

Movies to Watch

One more trend among people nowadays is searching for a movie or series that will keep them busy. Some are going to the extent of finding movies that are similar to the current happenings. Additionally, movie fans are sad that most first runs of the films have been postponed to 2021 or pushed a few months later. So they have no option but to turn on old but gold movies. 


Google search trends vary from day to day, and you can always Google and see what is trending globally or in your country. It is essential to be familiar with your surroundings especially during this period when you cannot afford to miss an update. Besides, most of the popular searches relate to the Covid-19 disease and tips to killing the tedium while at home.