Betting over the many years of its existence has managed to grow a lot of myths. Many bettors, caught by false information, lose the whole bank for a few hours. In this article, we will dispel the most famous myths about sports betting.

1. One bookmaker’s office is enough to play

Many players do not want to look for the best odds for the same outcome of a sporting event. They place all their bets in only one office. It seems to them that there is not much difference between 1.75 and 1.7 odds for profit.

Any experienced bettor knows that this is not true. If you do not choose the highest odds, then you can go into the red, even if you play the same bets as professional players.

So we recommend that you study the bookmaker reviews on and choose a few companies with high odds to bet in them.

2. Successful players multiply the bank several times in a month

The truth is that even professionals can multiply the bank by no more than 15% in a month. The bankroll grows by several times only with exceptional luck. Some bettors may simply stick to a very risky strategy that has not yet shown its risks. True professionals with reliable betting strategies earn about 10% of the bankroll. However, they do so regularly.

3. To win, you only need to be good at one championship

Of course, it is very important to understand the championship on which the player is betting, but this is not enough. The bettor needs to learn how to manage the bank, to analyze the events. He should stick to a good strategy and not make rash actions. There are a lot of nuances.

4. Betting on the favorite will surely bring profit over a long run

If it were that simple, then other events in the line and a variety of strategies would not be needed. But a bookmaker will never part with his money so easily.   

Each odds bet on the favorite has a certain margin (commission), which underestimates the already low figure. So the player, looking at the odds, thinks that the odds of the favorite winning is 80%, but in fact, it is only 65%. That 15% margin will not only not help you get income in the long run, but also lead to a loss of the bank.

5. If the odds start to drop drastically, it means that the match is fixed

Many beginners are sure of this. But many factors can influence the lowering of the odds. For example, a fan of a team may bet a huge amount on it, but it does not say that it will necessarily win. Often bookmakers themselves initially set an overestimated odds, and then begin to correct it, noticing that it is extremely popular among bettors.