Manchester City will be displaying statues of Vincent Kompany and David Silva right outside of the Etihad Stadium before their Premier League clash against Arsenal on Saturday.

City reportedly commissioned the sculptures to the duo who they regard as the two greatest players in the club’s history – with a Sergio Aguero statue set to be unveiled later.

Kompany spent over a decade at the Etihad Stadium while Silva spent 10 years in the club and both were pivotal to turning City into one of the best teams in England.

Speaking to the media, Kompany said via online casinos: “It’s still difficult to grasp. I go back to the very beginning when I signed for City and we didn’t talk about statues at the time.

“From day one it was just hard work and staying strong mentally and physically just to compete. At the end of my time at City, you get honoured with something that you didn’t expect at all at no stage.

“Afterwards, you realise you’ve been part of a very special group of players for the history of the club and the start of something but it’s difficult to grasp.”  

The statues were reported to have been created by the award-winning British artist Andy Scott, and the finished products will be a secret till they are unveiled officially on Saturday.

With the coronavirus pandemic still around, Scott could only meet Silva and Kompany virtually before he could start making them at his studio in Philadelphia.

City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak announced his decision to honour the three players back in 2019 after Kompany parted ways with the club to manage Anderlecht at the time.

“Ultimately, Vincent and David do not need statues to enshrine their achievements at Manchester City over the past decade, they are already revered as icons of their generation,” he said via aussie online pokies.

“But what these artworks give us, and generations to come is the opportunity to be reminded of, and savour, the truly magical moments created by both men.”

During his spell at the Etihad stadium, Kompany, who was also a long-term skipper, won the Premier League title four times, along with two FA Cups and four League Cups while Silva lifted one more League Cup title before leaving the club.

In other news, City defeated Norwich City in a 5-0 victory on Saturday and this is what Guardiola said: “The group of people are fantastic, the players have incredible quality, so I cannot complain.”

“I’ve never complained since I arrived on day one, I will not do it now, but of course the club has an obligation, the duty to look forward, to get better, to feel we can still be there with a tough Premier League and this is what we are going to do.”