The premier league is known to be the best league in the world with some of the best players and managers in the world participating in it, it is one of the most-watched if not the most-watched league by football fans from across the world. There are millions of people who tune in to watch the games and also place bets on them, the premier league is the most betted on league around with there being more punters than ever before placing their bets on it and they are not hard to find markets with all major casinos and bookmakers offering premier league selections available. The betting industry makes most of its profits off the premier league with millions of football fans preferring to bet on this league as it is seen to be much more exciting compared to the other leagues from around the world. Since fans are now allowed back to watch live games the league has taken off and according to many reports it is set to be the best and most-watched year to date for the premier league. It is not just matches people are placing their bets on with the premier league but also player transfer markets like when Ronaldo joined Manchester United many people were rushing to place their bets on if he would or wouldn’t re-join them. 

Many fans have been waiting since the pandemic started to be able to return to the live matches once again, the premier league is said to be the Rolls Royce league of football with a lot of fans supporting their teams from foreign countries. Football bets have always been a very popular thing for many sports fans and casino users to do but recently the past few seasons have seen the premier league explode with online bets being placed. This is due to a lot of betting and casino companies now sponsoring stadiums or kits for the top teams which get aired and witnessed by millions of people leading them to head online and see what companies they are. This season has only just started and there have already been more bets placed than at this time of the season than ever before, it looks set to be a world record-breaking year once again for the premier league and the betting industry.