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There have been a lot of different stories emerging about the Saudi led takeover for Newcastle United, and the stories will only become more prevalent with the official announcement that Steve Bruce will now be stepping back, and a new manager will look to step in – there are plenty of odds who’ll take over too as many sites are available for taking odds on who’ll take over the position at betting and casino locations. But the big story yet to come will be with just how big of an impact rich owners could have on the future of the team, and what this could mean for the future premier league aspirations too. 

New facilities and new grounds for the players and fans

Whilst not something that will come immediately, it’ll certainly be an area that is looked at some point in the future as a bigger spectacle for the team – this may come to new training facilities or a new ground to play on for the players, and all new commodities – it has already been confirmed that there will be a revival for St. James Park so there will be plenty to look forward to from both the fan and player perspective here. 

A new calibre of players could be on the way

A big influx of money will certainly look to be spent on the pitch too – for now it looks like Newcastle are at risk of falling out of the Premiere League so there will be some players off the radar for quite some time if fast changes can’t be made, but securing high calibre players willing to play in the Championship and still be good enough to compete in the Premier League too – this will be a big change to come, despite rival fans adamant that even with the rich owners, change won’t come. 

It’s not just about the money, though

Of course it’s also important to know it isn’t just about a big influx of cash as plenty of other changes may be taking place behind the scenes to secure a strong future for the club, whilst all eyes are pointed at the bank balance, a lot of influence can change a lot of things and could lead to more stability and better behind the scenes performance for the club as a whole which may be worth much more than an updated stadium and a roster of new players.

Time will ultimately tell what the future has in store for Newcastle, but it’s a great opportunity to get things moving in a different direction, despite the current opposition or apathy that may be coming from both fans and rivals alike.