Football boasts one of the most diverse range of betting options of all the popular sports. Because it’s followed by almost 4 billion people, and because the football betting scene has become an entire industry of its own, there’s never been a better time to jump into the exciting world of football wagering and everything that it has to offer. 

One of the first obstacles that a brand-new bettor will need to content with is just the right kind of bet for them. Over the years, dozens of types of bets have cropped up across the industry, and it’s ultimately up to the bettor to choose one that suits their betting style. Here we will look at some of the more common bets that are almost always available on the market. 

1. Full Time Bet

The Full Time, also known as the Full Time Result, is the most common bet found within soccer, and is generally the one that most people are going to go for, especially those that are new to wagering. Here, the bet is always focused on a single team winning a specific game. 

It’s as simple as possible, which is part of the appeal, but it’s important to note that the odds here are going to be in the favour of the house, and those bettors that do win most likely won’t walk away with very much. Regardless, it’s still a solid choice to get started with and can provide plenty of experience. 

2. Double Chance Bet

Similar in many ways to the Full Time but with the added bonus of the bettor having two chances to win the wager. These are another common option among beginners and involve taking a bet out on two teams winning out of three. It’s as straightforward as they come, and greatly increases the chances of winning. 

Again, however, the odds are going to be quite low, lower even than the Full Time, due to the higher probability of the bet being successful, and for those bettors that are getting frustrated, it might be time to give football a rest and check out the latest Grand Rush bonus codes

3. Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is slightly more complicated than the other types covered so far and is generally geared toward those that have already earned some experience in the field of betting. Here, teams are usually broken down into either favourites or underdogs, and the bettor will generally choose how many goals are added or taken away during the game. 

Most bookies will offer a selection of goals to choose from, as well as a variety of odds. It’s up to the bettor to use their previous knowledge to choose a wager that they are most comfortable with. 

4. A Correct Goal Bet

This one is closer to a prop bet and while common, is much harder to get right. The idea is to correctly predict the score that a team will make by the end of the game. The odds are much higher, meaning that a successful bet will often pay out an impressive amount. This is also extremely difficult to pull off and is aimed at the bettor who knows exactly what they are doing, or simply wants to have a little fun.