Betting is a great way to make your football experience a more exciting one, making every game feel like it has more importance than it ever did before. The best part about betting on football is, undeniably, winning your bets, but winning more than loosing can be a tall order for a normal bettor. 

Fortunately, value betting offers a great opportunity for you to not win more bets but be more profitable with the bets that you do win.

Find Value In Your Bets

Value remains one of the biggest distinguishing factors between being profitable and not. Without finding good value in bets, an 80% win ratio can still result in no profit being made. 

To find the best value on offer, the first thing we need to understand is the team’s chances of winning versus the implied probability given by the odds. Value is when the team has a greater chance of winning than the odds imply. Value betting may sound like a rare occasion scenario, but it happens more frequently than one would think. 

The Sway Of Odds

With the introduction of sites like Black Lotus Casino, online betting and live betting, odds have become less stable, with the ability to change at a moment’s notice. The odds swaying and changing can produce fantastic opportunities for value betting. To understand the sway of odds, we first need to understand how sportsbooks set odds and the factors that can change the odds.

  • Algorithm Algorithms that determine, and set odds, have come into great popularity with the rise of live betting. When live betting, the professionals who decide on odds are often just not fast enough to stay ahead of the curve. Complex algorithms are used to create new odds faster than any person could.
  • Professionals – Algorithms do the majority of the work but aren’t at a point where they can be the only deciding factor. Teams of professionals verify and sometimes change the odds given by the algorithms to better reflect all the factors in play.
  • Betting – Between the algorithms and professionals, the basic odds are set. Betting is where the odds change. The main goal for any sportsbook is to have even money on either side of the bet. If one side starts to get excessive betting volumes, the sportsbooks will change the odds to better reflect even money on both sides.

Finding Value In Changing Odds

When betting on any sport, one of the best things to remember is that most sports bettors will bet on a team that they like or a team they think will win, regardless of the associated odds. When a lot of bettors lean to one side of a bet, the odds will change to reflect that. 

While this favorite may have a good chance of winning, this can create a situation with fantastic value on the underdogs side. The biggest secret to value betting is quantity. You will not win every bet while betting on the underdogs, but the bets you do win will have a much better payoff, resulting in a profitable betting strategy.