Sports betting remains one of the world’s leading pastimes. It’s an exciting and incredibly entertaining way of keeping up with the latest sporting events while also having a chance at winning real money. More and more people are turning to sports betting to try and make an income on the side, and with the right preparation and patience, it can become a consistent way of making some cash every month. 

Those new to the world of sports betting might have some trouble getting started. One of the first decisions that a bettor will need to make is what kind of sports that they would like to wager on. Choosing a sport just because it’s what the bettor likes is not always the best place to start, and often it’s better to begin wagering on specific sports to maximise the odds of success. 


Cricket is a complex game that’s played on most continents around the world, but it has a specific focus in the UK, Australia, South Africa, and India. It boasts some of the most popular events in the sporting sphere and accommodates many millions of fans. Thanks to the widespread popularity of cricket, it makes for a good sport to begin a betting career with. Keep an eye on the yearly events that take place, and thanks to its 2.5 billion fans, it’s easier than ever to find a range of bookies offering bets and odds on the sport. 


With around 2.4 billion basketball fans spread across the globe, basketball is not only popular within the United States. This fast-paced game has growing in popularity immensely over the last few decades and is now the third most popular sport in the world. It also has one of the most vibrant and active betting scenes on the market, and bets are available in their thousands during the NBA season. Make sure to check out all the latest NBA expert picks when deciding on an event to start wagering on. 


While the other sports in this list are almost all team sports, tennis is different in that most of the wagers are placed on individual players. The appeal here is that the bettor doesn’t need to keep up with an entire team of players – including their performance history or injuries – but can instead focus on just one player instead. Played by an estimated 60 million people, there is almost always some kind of tennis event going on, but most bettors will want to keep their attention on Wimbledon, when most of the betting action takes place. 


Lastly, we have football, the undisputed king of the sports hierarchy. With around 3.5 billion followers, football remains the world’s most-followed sport. It’s also generally the sports that recommended the most for new bettors, and thanks to the sheer popularity of the various football events – such as the FIFA World Cup – it doesn’t take much to find a bookie offering a wide choice of bets for selected tournaments.